My Authentic Self

I’m thinking a lot recently about how we have different parts of ourselves.  In particular, we have the part of ourselves that we show to the world and we have the part of ourselves that we keep hidden & private.  How are they different?  How are they the same?  Is one more ‘You’ than the other?  How do we bring the two parts together to make us whole?

I’m full of questions today and I’m not sure that I have the answers.  These thoughts come from something in my own life. People see a part of me on the outside, but if they could look deeper, they would find something different.  I have fears and angst just like others do, but I don’t always show them.  I often keep them hidden for just my private self to deal with and analyze.

This isn’t always helpful.

Keeping your issues deep inside yourself isn’t necessarily a good thing.  I’m learning this through my own yoga therapy work..  Sometimes when I keep things to myself, I don’t make progress in dealing with them.  Instead, they dig in deeper to my psyche and to my body.  I experience more aches and pains both physically and mentally.  

So, when I receive a yoga therapy session, I have the chance to change this pattern.  In a session I can say something out loud in a nonjudgmental space.  Sometimes just doing that can help me to better understand what my private self has been dealing with and I can better integrate it into my public life.  My two parts can begin to merge in that respect.

During my own sessions, I’ve found that those private thoughts and emotions that once had so much hold over myself, don’t have to rule my life.  I’ve learned to trust my inner wisdom and to move in a direction that is congruent with my beliefs and desires.  With my own therapy work, I can let my private self out into the world more often so that more people get to see the whole me.  It’s a healing process to be able to bring the different parts of myself together.

There are some things that we just don’t want to share with the world.  And, that’s okay too!

Now, I’m not trying to say that there is anything wrong with keeping some thoughts and feelings to ourselves.  We don’t have to put ourselves completely ‘out there’ so that we share all parts of ourselves with everyone else.  You might find that certain feelings & thoughts are reserved for special people and that’s just fine.  You are allowed your privacy and you get to choose what you share with others.

What if you begin to let go of an issue?

Instead, what I’m thinking is that when we hold on to an issue so tightly and refuse to let it out into the world, it can take over our private self.  We can begin to let that issue make changes to our behaviors and our bodies.  When that happens we might find out private self separating even more from the public version that we show to other people.

When you have an issue, trauma or situation that you hide in your private life because you can’t begin to process it, then other problems will begin to arise.  You might have aches in the body that just won’t go away.  You might find yourself getting more angry on a daily basis.  Or, you might find yourself withdrawing from others more often.  

Your symptoms will be unique to you, but your private self will be more separate from the you that you share with the world if you don’t deal with whatever the root issue is.

Have you thought of trying yoga therapy?

So, when it’s time to release an issue, whether it be a past trauma or a current situation, think about yoga therapy.  I can help you make that connection between what’s happening in your body and what’s happening in your life.  In a session, I help to guide you in a nonjudgmental way so that you can be empowered to make the changes that you need to make in your life so that you can move forward once again.

One of my goals in life is to help people heal from their past traumas and be able to move forward with more ease in their lives.  I think that ease comes when the public you and the private you are not so disjointed.  

When you can move towards healing yourself, your world will change for the better.  Learn to trust your inner wisdom in a session and begin to integrate your public and private selves.

If you’re an empty nest mom & you’re public & private selves are ready to merge again, then check out Who Am I Now? It’s time to get to know yourself again!

If you’d like to get more information about private yoga therapy sessions, then let’s chat about what yoga therapy can do for you.  Schedule your free discovery session today.  



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