Who Am I Now?

I was speaking with another mom recently & Who Am I Now? is the question that was coming up over & over.  This mom is going through some shifts in her life.  Her child has left for college.  She’s changed jobs & is trying to find just the right fit for herself in this stage of life.  A lot of small changes are creating a major life change for her.

One of the things that we spoke about was that life is a series of shifts.  Something happens & we shift.  Something else happens and we shift again.  Many of these shifts are unexpected & create extra anxiety that you don’t expect.

Usually change doesn’t happen over night.

You make a shift.  You try it on & you see if it’s right for you.

Yes, it’s a bit of trial and error.  If the shift works, then you have a new way of life.  If the shift didn’t work out right, then that’s valuable information too.  I know it can be frustrating to not get things right the first time, but how great is it when you can begin to narrow down what is your true dream or desire.

Coming out of the full time parent phase of life without really knowing yourself means that you’re doing a lot or trial & error as you figure out who you are without your kids again.

There are layers to consider.

I wish that I could tell you that this is a once & done thing.  Once you figure out the outer layer, then you’ll likely make a shift based on what you uncovered.  Life will go on for awhile & then you’ll figure out that there is another layer that you need to explore.  Once you do that exploration, you’ll likely make another shift in your life & try that on for awhile.

These shifts can happen quickly one after another.  They can also happen slowly as you take your time creating a life that fits you now.

With each layer, it’s a chance to ask yourself, ‘Who Am I Now?’.  Most likely, your answers will keep changing as you get closer to what is right for you as an empty nest mom.

It takes time.

Going through these different layers isn’t always easy or fun.  I get it!  We all want to get to the end point NOW & not take the journey to wherever we are going.  It can be a difficult time.

However, it’s the journey where you learn so much about yourself.  It won’t really help to skip over that journey if you’re trying to align your life to your own goals, dreams & desires.

This is a transitional period.  You’ve entered it with mixed emotions.  Let those emotions all be there and explore what they really mean to you.

Continue to check in.

So, this is a process.  Again, it’s not a once and done type of thing.

Those changes and shifts in your life are always bringing you in more alignment with who you are in this moment in time.

You’re not going to take action that would have worked when you were 20 years old.  Instead, you’re going to take action that works at your current stage in life.

In another month, year or decade you’ll likely need to shift again.  Asking yourself “Who Am I Now?”  helps you to do the checking in so that you can make the needed shifts to get you to where you next want to be.

My 4 week program

My program Who Am I Now?  is really a support group for empty nest moms.  It’s designed to help you make those shifts that you need now that your kids have moved out of the house.

In these 4 weeks, I’ll help you to reconnect to yourself again.

You’ll learn how to uncover your current truth so that you can be confident about what you want to do in this chapter of your life.

I’ll show you how to listen to your body so that you can connect to the wisdom that is already within you.

And, by the end of the program you’ll be able to take your next step so that you can move towards your new goals.

You’ll learn these skills and be able to use them whenever you need the.  When that next unexpected shift in life happens, then you’ll have the tools that you need to adjust to this life shift.  You’ll get emotional support as you connect to other moms like you.  You’ll also get guidance through this challenging time of life.

We start this live round on September 12th.  You have a few days left to sign up!  Click here to get more information on the program.

I only run this program live a couple of times  a year.  If you’d like to have a support group help you through this transitional period, then join in this live round.

I can’t wait to see you thrive as an empty nest mom!

Love & Hugs,



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