Complex PTSD is a mental health condition that can develop after prolonged exposure to trauma. It’s characterized by a number of symptoms, including flashbacks, nightmares, difficulty trusting others, and emotional dysregulation. Yoga therapy can be an effective treatment for complex PTSD. It can help to reduce symptoms, improve self-regulation, and promote healing.

What is Complex PTSD?

Complex PTSD is a mental health condition that is often caused by childhood abuse or neglect, but it can also be caused by other types of trauma, such as war, violence, or natural disasters. Complex PTSD is characterized by a number of symptoms, including:

  • Flashbacks: Vivid memories of the trauma that can feel like they are happening in the present moment.
  • Nightmares: Dreams about the trauma that can be disturbing and upsetting.
  • Difficulty trusting others: A fear of being hurt or abandoned by others.
  • Emotional dysregulation: Difficulty managing emotions, such as anger, sadness, and anxiety.
  • Dissociation: A feeling of being disconnected from oneself or the world around.
  • Avoidance: Avoiding situations, people, or activities that remind you of the trauma.

How Can Yoga Therapy Help?

Complex PTSD can affect so much of your life, including your sleep, your relationships, and your performance on the job. Let’s face it, Complex PTSD can take over your life when left untreated. It doesn’t have to be that way though. You can start to reclaim your life!

The first step is always to reach out for help. It’s also the hardest step!

When you’ve finally decided to get help, then it’s time to figure out where to start. Most people will start with some form of talk therapy. From there, they’ll try some other type of therapy. As you go through this process, just remember that not all therapies are the same and not all therapies will work for each person. The trick is to find a type of therapy that works for you.

Yoga Therapy is a somatic approach to therapy that can be an effective treatment for complex PTSD by helping to reduce symptoms, improve self-regulation, and promote healing.

It can help to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety by promoting relaxation and mindfulness.
  • Improve self-regulation by teaching you how to manage your emotions and body sensations.
  • Promote healing by providing a safe and supportive space to process trauma.
How to Find a Yoga Therapist

If you’re interested in trying yoga therapy, it’s important to find a qualified therapist. You can always attend a yoga class in your area. You’ll likely get some relief just from connecting to your body during the class, but your body has so much more to share with you. A certified yoga therapist has more training to help you process your trauma than most yoga teachers. So, whenever possible seek one out.

You can ask your doctor or therapist for a referral to a certified Yoga Therapist, or you can search online for yoga therapists in your area.

Remember, when you’re looking for a yoga therapist, it’s important to find someone who is experienced in treating complex PTSD. You should also make sure that you feel comfortable with the therapist and that you trust them.

You might also want to consider whether you’re comfortable working with your Yoga Therapist in person or if you prefer to work with them online. Some therapists, like myself, do both.

Try a somatic approach to healing.

If you have Complex PTSD, then there are many ways to help you process and resolve it. If you’ve tried talk therapy and would like to bring your body into the conversation, then you might be ready for the somatic work of Yoga Therapy. This can be an effective treatment for complex PTSD and can be an add-on to your talk therapy.

My clients often tell me that their talk therapy sessions are linked to their sessions with me. They tell me how valuable it is to experience the sensations in their body and how the healing is so much deeper this way.

If you’re ready to reduce symptoms, improve self-regulation, and promote healing, then set up a free chat with me. Let’s talk about how Yoga Therapy can be an important part of your healing journey.

And remember, it’s never too late to live healthier and happier. You can take that first step towards a healthier and happier you by reaching out to a certified Yoga Therapist today!

Becky is a Yoga Therapist & has been teaching yoga since 2006. She loves to match people with a yoga practice that helps them to feel better every day & believes that there is a yoga practice for everyone. Click here to sign up for her mailing list & get all of the important news & tips first!


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