While cleaning up my home office the other day, I ran across something that I wrote 3 years ago.  It struck me as interesting because I was going through the first part of my yoga therapy training.  This was a time of a lot of introspection for me.  I was exploring and growing into a new version of myself.   At the time one child had moved out & the other one would soon do the same thing.  What I wrote at this time of change was that I felt as if I was a flower waking up from a long winter.  I was in the middle of trying to figure out who I was at that moment in time.

Who you are at any given moment changes depending on the small and big circumstances in your life.  For me at that time, I was almost an empty nester.  I knew that a lot of change was coming shortly for me.  I had spent so much time on raising my kids that I wasn’t sure who I was anymore.  Thus, I had the image of waking up from a long winter to discover me again.

There are some parts of you that don’t really change.  Your core beliefs will likely stick with you throughout your life.  However, those little bits of life that make up your current moment will be forever changing.  Your kids will move out (hopefully), you might move, change jobs or make some other large change in your life.

All of these changes in your life can change your inner truth.  For me, when I wrote this, I was a mom first and foremost.  That job was rapidly changing as my kids grew closer to adulthood.  When the second one left, did I really need to be full-time mom anymore?  Or, did I need to do a little digging to discover the me that had been waiting for years while I raised my kids?

Obviously, my full-time mom job was nearing an end.  So, it didn’t make sense to stay in that mode.  Three years ago, I started a process of serious soul searching to discover who I was in that moment in time.  My truth was in the midst of changing.  I knew it & I did the best I could to understand it and change with it.

I know that a couple of years from now, my truth will have altered again.  It might be time to make more changes in my life so that I can match up to my truth again.

Living in alignment with my truth makes my life so much better.  I’m not fighting to stay in a place that doesn’t fit me anymore.  Instead, I’m living in a way that supports me and creates the life that works for me right now.

Who am I right now in this moment?  I have learned to ask myself this question more and more.  In some moments, I’m still mom and proud of it.  When my kids both graduate next month (one from high school & the other from college), I will be in full on mom mode.  However outside of those moments, I’m not that same person anymore.  That role doesn’t quite fit this empty nester as well.  I’ve moved into more of a mom/mentor role & I find that I’m enjoying that transition.  My kids get to be in charge of there lives and I get to take charge of my own in a way that has been on the back-burner for a very long time.

Who am I right now  in this very moment?  It changes a bit as I live my life.  As I ask myself that question, I might be a student, a mom, a teacher, a therapist, a hiker, a wife, a mentor, etc.  I’m all of those things and more, but in any given moment, I’m me.  I’m getting more and more comfortable with this version of me and I invite you to ask yourself this same question.  Who are YOU right now in this very moment?  Check in with your body.  Notice what it has to tell you and get to know this current version of you.

If you want help connecting to your inner truth, schedule a private session with me.


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