I’ve been thinking lately about what it means to be grounded and how it feels to not be grounded.  I’ve found that as an empty nester, I’m not as grounded as I used to be.   Before I had my routines that came from being a mom.  I knew what I needed to do and where I needed to be most of the time.  I knew what was expected of me and what I could expect from others.  Those routines were very grounding to me.  Now, that my kids are out of the house, that same sense of grounding isn’t there.

For me being grounded is about knowing who I am and what I’m doing with myself.  It’s about  knowing my purpose and my direction.  It’s also about being comfortable with who I am.  As a mom, all of these things just happened.  I was in that busy time of life where a lot is expected of me, but I knew it & I knew how to get through it.

Now, things have shifted so dramatically.  I can’t be grounded by the same routines that I had before.  In fact, I’ve found in the last two years that routine isn’t really in my life all of the time.  Things shift on a daily basis way more than they used to.  While it’s great to have that extra freedom, it’s also less grounding for me.

With all of these daily shifts, I can start to feel like I can’t keep up.  It feels a bit unsettling and I don’t know what to expect.  These are the times that I need to take a break & sit in the sun for a few minutes.

Without the ‘mom’ schedules and duties that kept me knowing what to expect, I have to find that sense of grounding in other ways.  I’m finding that for me that often means being in nature more.  Sometimes it’s just sitting outside in the sunshine.  Sometimes it’s a hike in the words.  And, sometimes it’s pulling some weeds in my garden.  I feel better after even just a few minutes of these activities.

However, after a longer stretch of not being grounded, what I really like to do is go for a hike.  Sit and watch nature for a while.  Just listen, watch and be in the quiet.  It heals and grounds me like nothing else.

Being in nature always brings me back to myself.  It grounds me so that I can face the world with more ease.  It helps me to create connection to the vast world out there.   It also helps me to create connection to myself.   I ALWAYS feel better after spending time in nature.

Grounding isn’t the same for everyone.  It’s helpful to know what works for you.  For some women it’s dancing, being with friends or time alone.  It could also be doing a favorite hobby or activity.

If you want to get literally grounded to the earth, then take off your shoes and go put your feet in the grass, dirt, or sand.   Doing this is called Earthing.  It will connect you in a more intimate way with Mother Nature.  It helps you to sync yourself to the earth and can improve sleep and decrease pain and inflammation.

Whatever works for you, I recommend that you do it whenever possible.

If you’re not sure what grounds you, then try an activity.  Notice how you feel before you do it & then notice how you feel after you do it.  If it is more grounding, then you’ll feel calmer & more settled.  If you feel more scattered and unsettled, then this isn’t the grounding practice for you.

I love helping moms to uncover how they can thrive after their kids leave the nest.  The simplest thing like learning how to ground yourself again, can lead to a better quality of life.  If you need help uncovering how to ground yourself in this stage of life, then schedule a session with me.  Together, we’ll listen to what you body has to say and come up with your next steps.

I’d love to hear what helps you to feel grounded.  Leave me a comment and give us some ideas for me to try.


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