Some days I think that I know the path that I’m taking in life.  Other days, I feel like I don’t have a clue.  Either way, I’ve figured out a general direction that I’m going and that feels amazing already!  Now, I just need to decide on my path to get there.

The thing is that there are so many different paths that I can take to get to where I want to be.  I can make plans all that I want, but if I don’t listen to my inner wisdom around these plans, they just aren’t going to work.  I have to stay true to myself in order for me to get where I want to go in life.

Now that I have my own business, I find that just about everybody I talk to has an idea or suggestion as to how I should run my business.  I get suggestions to partner with this group or that group.  I get suggestions to teach at this place or that.  I also get suggestions about the topics and times that I should teach.  While these are usually great suggestions as a whole, they often don’t line up with what my inner wisdom is leading me to do.  I can try to please everyone else, but when it doesn’t line up with my own inner wisdom, it usually won’t work out.  Again, I have to stay true to myself in order for me to get where I want to go in life.

As someone who is gone through or is in a major transition, like being an empty nester or recent  retiree,  do you often find that you get suggestions on how you should handle this transition?  How well do these suggestions fit with what you really desire?  Do you feel as if you need to be polite and follow what others say or do you feel that it’s time to do what you need and want?

People usually mean well when they make suggestions, the problem is that they don’t have all of the inside information when they make them.  Only you have that information.  You may not even be aware of that inner wisdom, but we all have it.  We just need to take time to learn how to listen to it.

I have a program that I’m about to open up for women in transitional periods.  Some of these transitions are harder to navigate than others and my goal is to help women through those tough transitions.  The empty nesters that I work with find that it’s not just a one time session that gives them the most support.  It’s ongoing support as they move towards their new direction in life after kids.  This new program will be just that ongoing support.  As you begin to listen to your inner wisdom and uncover what is really important to you, then you’ll begin to figure out your next path.  That path will probably have some twists and turns and many layers as well, but that’s ok.  That’s all part of discovering just what path is right for you.

As I go back and forth on my path, so will you.  That’s all part of figuring out just how to reach your new dreams and goals.  The more that we listen to our own inner wisdom rather than letting others tell us what to do, the more true our path will become.  Join me on this journey to life after this transitional period.  For more information check out The Next Chapter.


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