Have you ever thought to yourself that you’re not doing enough, being enough or accomplishing enough?  In our society we have the push to constantly do or be more.  While I think it’s healthy to have a desire to want to improve yourself or your circumstances, it’s not always healthy when you get caught up in the cycle of doing or needing more.  Filling your life with more does not give you enough.  The hard part is remembering this.

More is not always better.

I’m not immune to this.  I’ve found myself thinking “I have 10 minutes before I have to leave the house, what can I do with that 10 minutes that is productive?”  

Sometimes this can be helpful but often this is just me doing too much in too little time.  It doesn’t feel good & often doesn’t even help me get more done.  By jamming more activity into that small space of time, I’m actually overburdening my system.  

Instead of thinking I’ve done enough for the moment, I’m being critical of myself by thinking I need to do just a little bit more with the time that I have.  

Instead of pausing before I head off to the next activity and giving myself the chance to adjust, I’m creating more stress.  

I could be less judgmental about whether I’m doing enough.  With just a little bit of a mind shift, I could create so much more peace in my life.

Nature doesn’t have this problem.  

Spring will be here soon and the trees and flowers will start to bloom.  As Mother Nature shows us what she can do, it occurs to me that as plants spread and grow they are seeking out more in their existence.  However, Mother Nature is not afraid to pause.  She says “I’ve done enough” at the end of the growing season and gives the plants and trees a chance to pause.  Come Spring or Summer, it will be time to start over, but the pause first is a necessary part of life.  Because of that pause, the plants and trees have a chance to rejuvenate and they’ll come back stronger and ready to grow.

So, if we take a cue from Mother Nature and say “I’ve done enough” what happens?

Some times, I have a hard time even saying this.  I get caught up in the cycle of needing or wanting more.  In those times, I feel like I can’t do enough to prove my worth or justify a break.  

Oddly, when I give myself space to pause and say “I’ve done enough” a change comes over me.  I’ve given myself permission to take a break and refresh myself.  After that pause or break, I’ll come back stronger and more energized.  Usually, I’ll get even more done than if I didn’t take that break.

I did enough for now.

For me, enough means that I don’t have to justify myself or what I’ve done in order to take that break.  It’s enough just to do my daily tasks and move forward with life.  I still challenge myself and I still seek improvement, but when I acknowledge what I have accomplished and give myself permission to pause, I grow.

Enough means that I don’t have to push myself to the breaking point, whether it’s financially, physically, mentally or emotionally.  Enough means that just being me and doing what I can do in the current moment is fulfilling.  It also means that I can accept that I have done what I can do and that it’s time to pause before moving on.  Saying “Enough” brings me peace that always wanting more never will.

So, my practice is remembering to say ‘enough’.  

I call it a practice because it doesn’t come naturally to me and I have to remember or practice this concept on a daily basis.  It’s my way of pushing back on our society of ‘more is better’.  It’s my way of being true to my self and realistic about what I can do and it’s my practice every day.

What about you do you ever feel that you’ve not done or been enough?  Leave me a comment & let me know.

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