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Have you experienced trauma in your past?

Trauma is defined as an experience that produces psychological injury or pain.  Now, ask yourself again.  Have you experienced trauma? 

So often, the answer is yes.

Whether the trauma originated from an accident, abuse, addiction, an event or your experiences in the military, it changed you in some way that is still an active part of your daily experience.

The effects of trauma will look different for each person. 

What is the same?  When the trauma is not resolved, it will continue to have an influence on your current day to day experiences.  It’ll show up in your relationships and it’ll show up in your actions.  This makes it hard to live the happy life that you deserve.  

Why is this?

Everything that you do is recorded in your body.  That means both the good times as well as the bad ones have been stored in your body’s tissues. Each experience that you have creates new layers in your body. 

When you’ve experienced trauma, whether it is once or multiple times, you body and your brain can get stuck in it’s fight or flight mode.  This creates extra anxiety because your body wasn’t meant to stay in this mode permanently.

Thus, a cycle begins where you are way too frequently activating the memories of the trauma which produces more anxiety and keeps you in that fight or flight mode.

You’re mind and body are exhausted and constantly stressed because of this cycle!


What can you do?

Sometimes those layers need to be unraveled or explored in order for you to resolve your past trauma.  

If you’ve tried talk therapy and it hasn’t helped, it’s time to try a somatic approach that brings the body into the healing process.  A somatic approach will help you to rewire the brain so that your body isn’t constantly reliving the trauma.

Yoga therapy provides a somatic experience to listen to and learn the language of your body while connecting what shows up in your body to what’s happening in your life and leading to transformational changes.

In a yoga therapy session with me, I’ll collaboratively guide you through movement, stillness and shapes while inviting awareness and integration of the thoughts and emotions that arise.

Together, we’ll begin to resolve past trauma so that you can create the life that you deserve.  Each person and their situation is unique.  That includes you!  I believe that your solution needs to be custom fit to you and we’ll do that with this somatic approach to healing.

Each 60 minute Yoga Therapy session will be a step forward on your healing journey.

What can you expect in a Yoga Therapy session with me?

” Once you start approaching your body with curiosity rather than fear, everything shifts”

– Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

Are you ready to heal from past trauma?

I do this trauma sensitive yoga approach to healing trauma both in person and online.  If you’re in the Upstate of South Carolina, I invite you to come and check out my space.  If you’re not local to me, then let’s meet up on Zoom. 

Whether in person or online, this powerful work is transformative!  With it you’ll begin to sift through the layers of trauma and make the changes that you want in your life.

Schedule your first session and take that first step towards healing.

Are you treating the symptoms instead of the root cause?

Resolve Past Trauma

Your body is already talking to you.  If you’re ready to listen, then let’s start your healing journey today! 





Yoga therapy is the professional application of the principles and practices of yoga to promote health and well-being within a therapeutic relationship that includes personalized assessment, goal setting, lifestyle management, and yoga practices for individuals or small groups.  The Yoga tradition views each human being as a multidimensional system that includes numerous aspects-including body, breath, and mind (intellect and emotions)-and their mutual interaction.  Yoga therapy is founded on the basic principle that intelligent practice can positively influence the direction of change within these human dimensions, which are distinct from an individual’s unchanging nature or spirit.  The goals of yoga therapy include eliminating, reducing, and/or managing symptoms that cause suffering, improving function; helping to prevent the occurrence or re-occurrence of underlying causes of illness; and moving toward improved health and well-being.

-from IAYT’s Scope of Practice for Yoga Therapy

Will this work for me?

If you still have questions about whether this is the right fit for you, then schedule a FREE 15 minute call with me.

I get it!  A somatic approach isn’t for everyone.

Let’s talk about your goals and how I can help you reach your goals.  Then, you can make an informed decision about how to proceed.

I can’t wait to see you thrive!


 What Happy clients say

about their yoga therapy journey…7


There are times in life when you need a helping hand.  At first, Yoga Therapy seems difficult because you’re allowing your body to speak, not your mind or your intellect. I believe emotions, grief, and trauma are stored in the body.  Sometimes they come out as disease.  After a frightening diagnosis Becky is helping me empower and be kind to myself.  An hour with her is more effective than 10 hours of  talk therapy.  Becky creates a safe space where I can be authentic, honest, actively listen, and allow another layer of that darn onion to be peeled away and given recognition.

Yoga Therapy is a unique approach for getting to the root of any issue that affects your body, mind, or spirit.  I am most grateful for the progress we have made so far and look forward to resolving issues I’ve bottled up for years.  Freedom and Wellness! Thank you, Becky!

S. D. | Greenville, SC

I first started going to Peach Blossom after the birth of my son.  My pregnancy and his first months of life were challenging.  I spent time on hospital bedrest and he spent six weeks in the NICU.  Yoga therapy with Becky helped me greatly during the transition into motherhood.  I have had several sessions and each has been unique and deeply beneficial so much so that I’ve continued to see Becky over the course of the last year to address other past traumas.  I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with her, you will be so glad that you did!

D. B. F. | Greenville, SC

…Almost all of my solutions have come from “within,” but I know that they would not be as clearly defined without Becky’s gentle, supportive guidance.  I strongly recommend Becky for yoga therapy.

P. S. |Simpsonville, SC

I just wanted to tell you how much we all valued the group yoga therapy session last week. My colleagues/friends were so impacted and we are still downloading and debriefing. It was what we all needed so thank you for operating so well in your gift.

A. D. | Greenville, SC

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