I did it! I took that first really hard step a couple of weeks ago. I’m not ready to share it but I can share that I did it.

It’s been a really long time in the making. I’ve been thinking about it & trying to decide when would be the right time. Was I ready? Would it work out okay? Did I need to make any other shifts before I took this step forward?

Do any of those questions sound familiar to you? Do you go back and forth with a decision?

When you’re faced with needing to make a major change in your life, you can talk yourself out of it so easily. You’re not ready. It won’t work out like you want so why bother. You don’t know the right path yet.

Our self-talk can be so hard to get around!

You won’t change something until the pain that is created by staying as you are now is worse than what it would be to create that change in your life.

I finally reached that point & took my step forward towards my change. The pain that would come with my change was no longer larger than the pain that was created by staying like I was already.

Have you noticed this in your life? I know that I put this off for quite awhile until I was not longer able to put if off any longer.

Change is hard!

When you’re used to a certain routine or habit, it’s just easier to stay in that routine. You know it. You’re comfortable with it. You know what to expect.

You resist change over & over again. You put off doing something that you know that you want because it’s scary & staying in your comfort zone is so much easier. Or, maybe you decide that it won’t work ahead of time & give up without even trying.

Living this way isn’t in alignment with your current truth. The routine or habit doesn’t really fit you anymore, but it’s what you know. So, you stay with it

There comes a time when this isn’t going to work for you anymore.

You have to start on that path to change in order to be in alignment with your current truths and desires. You have to take that first difficult step.

For me, I’ve had a lot of support as I took this step. I’ve had my own yoga therapy session this week. I’ve also had friends & family to help & support me. I’ve been very grateful for the help that I’ve received. It’s helped me to get past the first step & gotten me ready to take many more.

Don’t be afraid to ask for support when you take that first difficult step!

Take the first step.

So, yes that first step is the hardest. Staying out of alignment with yourself makes everything so much more difficult for you. Life will get easier as you begin to align to your own truth.

Taking steps to be more in alignment with your own hopes, desires and truths will make your life flow more smoothly for you too..

I encourage you to be brave and take that first step forward. Don’t stay out of alignment with yourself! It’s edgy & it’s scary but with support you can do it.

If you don’t have a support system already, then let’s schedule a chat. We can talk about how I can support you when you take you first step towards change.

I believe that you too deserve to live in alignment to your Truth and with support you can create the change in your life that you need & want. Take that first step!

Love & Hugs,



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