Change is sometimes thrust upon you.

Maybe you get into a car accident & then need to buy a brand new car.  It wasn’t something that you expected or even wanted but hey its time for a new car.

Sometimes you seek change.

On the other hand, sometimes change is something that you seek to bring into your life.  Maybe you want a new job.  If that is so, then you need to start looking for one.  If you don’t start & consistently put effort into it, then you’ll never get that new job.  This change WILL happen because of the effort that you put into it.

Right now, I’m seeking change in my life.

There are certain things that I’d like to change.  The ONLY way that I’ll get that change is to take action.  What that action looks like will vary from day to day but it’s the action that will move me closer to the changes that I want to make in my life.

The key to change is consistency.

Whether its a new job you need,  you want to lose weight or you want to begin an exercise routine, consistency is what will bring you the change that you seek.

I’ve been thinking a bit about consistency lately.  Consistency is something that I’ve intentionally brought into my personal yoga practice.  I don’t always feel like showing up to my yoga mat and then moving my body, but I’m making an effort anyway to be there every single day.  Sometimes, it’s not what you do when you show up to your yoga mat (or whatever it is that you’re trying to bring into your life).  What really matters is that you show up at all.  It’s that consistency of just showing up to whatever practice you’re trying to bring in to your life that will slowly start to make the changes that you seek.

Consistency means showing up every day to do the thing that will move you one step closer to your goal.  It means doing it whether you really feel like it or not.  You might find that you put out more effort some days and less on others.  That’s fine.  It’s the fact that you’re putting in some effort on a consistent basis that begins to make the changes.

You can create change in any area of life.

Being consistent in order to create change works in all areas of your life.

If you want to meditate daily, then that means sitting to meditate each & every day whether you want to or not.  If you’re like me, then you have more time and energy some days and not on others.  That’s fine.  Sit and meditate as long as you can fit into your schedule.  Just be consistent and show up.  Each time you do, you’re closer to adding in a habit or making a change that you want in your life.

Many changes that you’re trying to bring into your life often don’t take a lot of time out of your day.  A few weeks ago I talked about taking 10 minutes of your day to create the change that you want.  That’s what I’m talking about here as well.

The hard part is just remembering to add in those 10 minutes to your routine.  Sometimes you remember but you just don’t feel like doing them.  Overcome that resistance.  Make a point of showing up to whatever you want to change in your life.  Give it all that you have in the moment.  Know that you showed up & did the best that you could.  Some days it will be easy & others it will be hard.  Either way, just show up.  You’ll be glad that you did!

So, what do you want to change in your life?

I can help you with your consistency.  Together we can come up with the plan to move forward to create the changes that you desire.  Sign up for my free 15 minute call to find out how I can help support the changes you need and want.



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