I just came back from an inspiring long weekend of training.  I learned some new ways to teach what I already know.  I got to spend time with some long-distance friends that I haven’t seen in years.  I also cuddled a 2 year old and then gave thanks that I don’t have 2 year olds living with me anymore.  Mainly though, I spent time looking at my journey of the last 4 years.  That last part was the most eye-opening for me.

Time sometimes feels like it’s crawling by.  Other times it flies so fast we feel like we can’t keep up.  In both of these instances we often don’t see the changes that have happened until we take a step back & look at the bigger picture.

Those day to day changes can be hard to see but when you look at your 1 year old and compare her to her 6 month old self, the change is very clear.  The same can be said about her growth in later years.  The 18 year old looks nothing like the 1 year old anymore.

The day to day routine can feel like it’s never going to end and you just wonder if you’re going to survive it.  Then all of a sudden your daughter is graduating high school and moving away to college.

Time is funny like that in how it can slow down and speed up.  I’ve just spent a few days being reminded of that odd slow/fast passage of time.

So, the past 4 days have been a period of reflection for me.  I’ve been able to see just what has changed around me and how I’ve also changed in the past 4 years since I started this journey.

With this reflection, I’ve realized that I’m not the same person that I was back then.  Of course there are similarities, but I am doing things differently now.  I’m thinking differently and I’m living differently.  It’s the stepping back and looking at the bigger picture that helps me realize what I’ve accomplished in 4 years and just how much farther I am down my path.

I still don’t know quite where this path is taking me, but I can now see how many steps that I’ve taken & what has changed.

With this pause to reflect back on my journey since I started to study yoga therapy, I’ve stepped out of the day to day grind and gotten a better look at what I’ve done.  There are times when I get frustrated when something isn’t working right for me.   When this happens, if I just pause for a moment and remember that wider look at what I’m doing, I think I’ll have more compassion for myself.

This journey is not going to be over in a short time frame.  Much like raising kids, this is a marathon that I am on.  My days might feel long at times, but really time is flying by me.

I’ve often reminded myself that I just need to take the next step forward in order to continue on my path.  This past long weekend was an incredible opportunity for me to let that reminder sink in just a bit more.

Often all you need to do is simply take the next step forward on your path.  By doing so, you continue your forward momentum.  Over time, when you look back as I’ve just spent time doing, then you’ll see just how far you’ve come and how much you’ve changed.  It’s eye-opening & inspiring to take this time to reflect.  I encourage you to give it a try!

If you need help figuring out what your next step on your path is going to be, then schedule a private session with me.  I’ll help you connect to your own wisdom so that your next step is right for you.



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