If you’re like most of the people that I know, you’re daily routines haven’t been the same for the past couple of months.  I’m right there with you.  As so many things cancelled or shut down, my daily routine shifted and then shifted again.  It shifted so many times at first that I could barely keep track of what I was still able to do.  It was so disorienting!

Now, the opposite is beginning to happen.  Things are beginning to be added back to my schedule.  While I wouldn’t call my routine ‘normal’ yet, I would say that it is still disorienting to have so many shifts happening.  As I add things back in, I have to figure out what I still want in my day as well as what I have decided is not really important enough to do anymore.

So, what has helped keep me grounded through both of these times?

Mostly, it’s my morning routine that has kept me grounded.

My morning routine has changed little over the past few months.  It’s been my constant in the middle of all of this change.

Yes, I did sleep a bit later, but I didn’t change what I did when I got up.  Having that same routine helped me to start the day off in a way that let me focus on what is most important.  It grounded me.  It gave me a chance to practice awareness and listen inward.  It also gave me comfort because I was able to control my own actions each morning.

There are two reasons why my morning routine is so important.

First, it’s the consistency that makes a big difference for me.  I often tell people that doing 10 minutes of yoga a day is better than doing 60 minutes once a week.  That’s because the consistency helps you build your own inner resiliency muscles.  It trains your mind and body to focus on this activity each and every day.

Now, I can skip it for a day or two when necessary but I feel the call to get back to it as soon as I can.  Why is that??  It’s because my body craves that consistent activity that keeps both my mind and body healthy.

Second, my morning routine supports me because it’s unique to me and is just what I need.

I hear so many people say that you need to do this or do that in order to start your day off ‘right’.  I’ve heard suggestions of getting up before 5 am every day so that you get a jump on everyone else.  Walk 10,000 steps before 8 am & your day is off to a good start.  Meditate for 30 minutes to clear your head & center yourself.  Do you exercise routine right after you wake up in order to improve your metabolism.  The list could go on & on.

Don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing wrong with any of these things if you feel better when doing them.  However, if you are a night owl & you’re told to get up before 5 am every day, you are just going to be miserable.  If exercising on an empty stomach makes you queasy, then exercising right away when you wake up is not going to feel good.

When you don’t feel good with your routine, then chances are you won’t do it for long.  It can’t benefit you if you don’t do it.

My Solution to the one size fits all routine…

So, my solution is to find a routine that supports you in feeling strong, centered, happy, capable, and excited to do it.  For each of you, that means your routine might look a little different.  One size fits all does not apply to a morning routine.  It’s okay if you want to sit & drink your cup of coffee while you listen to nature come to life around you.  It’s also okay if you want to go for a 30 minute power walk right after getting up.

Experiment a little.  Get some help figuring out what might be more beneficial for you.  Just don’t take the approach that if it’s good enough for Oprah, Beyonce or the mom next door then it’s good enough for you.

Each of you is special and unique.  That means that there is a special and unique morning routine just for you.

If your mornings are going smoothly & support you already, then great!  Keep it up!

However, if your morning routines don’t set you up to have a successful and happy day, then considering tweaking it a bit and doing something different.  You deserve to have peaceful and supportive mornings!  Now ask yourself if your morning routine is giving you the peace and support that you need.

Love & Hugs,


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