Change happens.

You can’t stop it.  Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes that’s just frustrating.  How you roll with those changes can set the tone for your reactions to the changes that you experience.

Where I live in South Carolina, we’re 2 weeks into the social distancing experiment of 2020.  It feels like the past 2 weeks have been nothing but change.  I’ve cancelled most of my activities.  I’m now working completely from home.  My empty nest is not so empty right now and my schedule has shifted and then shifted and shifted yet again.

That’s a lot of change in just 2 short weeks.

Some of these changes were easier to accept than others and I’m starting to feel like I’m getting my feet under me again.  That’s good because we’re in this for awhile.

One of those changes I mentioned was my son coming back home.  Last Wednesday, my son told me that his dorm was closing and he had no choice now but to come home.  So, I spent all of Friday driving down to Florida, packing him up & then driving back home.  It took about 18 hours to do this & it was one very, long day.  (I don’t recommend this as a fun experience!)

Having him back home is one of the easier to accept changes.  I realize this is temporary and he’ll be gone again before I know it.  I’m simply going to enjoy this extra time with him.  It’s one of the unexpected gifts of social distancing.

One of the changes that hasn’t been so easy to accept is the complete transition online of my business.  I’m used to a hybrid model where some things are online & some are in person.  I love being able to work from home, but I also really love being able to connect with people in person.  This change has been more frustrating for me as I miss seeing my regular people.

I’m very lucky though and I’m very aware of this.  I’m able to make the shift to work completely online, but I know that there are so many people who aren’t able to do this.    Your entire world has shifted and there isn’t too much you can do about it if you are in a business that can only operate in person.

I think of my hairdresser who can’t cut hair online.  If she could, then I would be the first in line.  It’s been 2 months since my hair was cut & it’s time.

I also think of the tile guy who is going to be fixing our bathroom and won’t get the chance to do that until this need for social distancing is over.  Again, he can’t do his work online & I am eager to have him over to fix the bathroom.

There are so many people like this & my heart goes out to each of them.

Yes, I’m very fortunate to be able to still work.

How am I doing this?

I’ve moved all of my yoga and therapy sessions online.  It’s safer for everyone right now & that’s what matters most.

What is an online session like?

An online session with me is very similar to an in person session in the most important ways.  I’m still going to help you connect to your body and the wisdom within.  I’m still going to help you identify what’s most important and an action step that you can take.  I’m also still completely customizing the session around what you need in the present moment.

Having someone listen so deeply to you is a beautiful thing.  You spend so much of your life around people who are only partially listening to you.  The people who are already answering your question before you finish asking it are not really listening.  You can feel the difference and will want to be heard even more.

In an online session, I’m still deeply listening just as I am in an in-person session.

You also still get to connect to your own body & it’s wisdom in an online session.  It’s this connection to yourself that you really need right now.   If you’re spending most of your time in your thinking brain, then you need to connect to your body at least occasionally.

This is one way to cope with all of the changes that we’re going through right now.  By connecting to your own body, you can understand why you are reacting the way that you are.  This will help you to find acceptance for all of the changes and then be able to move forward again.  Without that acceptance, you’re stuck and everything is harder than it has to be.

Oh & don’t forget these sessions are online.  So you get to do them from the comfort of your own home!

If you’ve not tried a private session with me, then now is a great time to see what these sessions can do.  We all need a little more support for the changes that we’re experiencing and I’m here to help with that support.   Schedule a session to see what it’s like to finally have someone deeply listen to you.

And, if you’ve haven’t liked my Facebook page, go & Like It.  I’ve got some extra things happening on my page right now & you don’t want to miss out.  There’s even going to be a FREE online session for one lucky person next week but only on my Facebook page.

Sending you all Love & Hugs!


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