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I just got back to my office after an amazing private Yoga session with Becky! I cannot explain the feeling I have right now after having a session personalized just for me. I have been struggling with tightness in my lower back and because I was the only person, Becky was able to go slow and design movements especially to ease that. I also love Becky’s easy and chill spirit. I am so grateful I decided to try this type of Yoga. I plan on making this a regular part of my week. Thank you so much!

K. C. | Simpsonville, SC

There are times in life when you need a helping hand.  At first, Yoga Therapy seems difficult because you’re allowing your body to speak, not your mind or your intellect. I believe emotions, grief, and trauma are stored in the body.  Sometimes they come out as disease.  After a frightening diagnosis Becky is helping me empower and be kind to myself.  An hour with her is more effective than 10 hours of  talk therapy.  Becky creates a safe space where I can be authentic, honest, actively listen, and allow another layer of that darn onion to be peeled away and given recognition.

Yoga Therapy is a unique approach for getting to the root of any issue that affects your body, mind, or spirit.  I am most grateful for the progress we have made so far and look forward to resolving issues I’ve bottled up for years.  Freedom and Wellness! Thank you, Becky!

S. D. | Simpsonville, SC

From a Couples Therapy Session:

I gained a better understanding of my husband, and how he sees and understands our relationship and our families.  B. and I received better tools on how to communicate with each other. 

S. D. | Simpsonville, SC

I have been seeing Becky Watson for yoga therapy for the past six months.  Every time I have gone, I have asked myself “What do I have to talk about?”  and come up blank.  But every time I have gotten with Becky, and became quiet and relaxed, I found that I had much to talk about. 

I’ve had a number of concerns with anxiety and my health this year but tend to push them aside when I am busy with my day-to-day life.  Becky has helped me explore these concerns as they have come to the surface during our sessions, and I always leave with a new solution for dealing with these matters.  Many times, sessions have built upon prior sessions – I spent a week or two applying the solution, then found a need to modify or even refocus my strategy.

Almost all of my solutions have come from “within,” but I know that they would not be as clearly defined without Becky’s gentle, supportive guidance.  I strongly recommend Becky for yoga therapy.

P. S. | Simpsonville, SC

From a Couples Therapy Session:


Deeper understanding of what it takes to be successful in communicating with my partner.  I think the sessions allowed us to see our commitment to the improvement of our relationship both of us were willing to do what it takes grow closer

B. D. | Simpsonville, SC

I decided to try a yoga therapy session with Becky because I thought it sounded interesting. I was curious about it, and I thought it could be helpful, in particular, with the anxiety that I often experience. I wanted to focus on that during the session to see what would happen. With Becky’s help, I was able to identify where I felt anxiety, fear and worry in my body (mostly my chest and my stomach area) and how they manifested themselves in my body (inability to take in a deep breath, along with tightness and knots in my stomach.) Becky used assisted yoga poses with me that allowed me to feel and acknowledge these emotions, but to also be present in the moment. And by being present in the moment, I was able to release these feelings. I found it fascinating to see how the body and the mind work together. After my session, I felt a renewed sense of confidence and belief in myself, and in my ability to handle each moment as it comes. I felt “lighter,” less weighed down. The feelings of anxiety were gone. I felt more hopeful and optimistic about my life in general. Also, I learned a yoga posture that I can do pretty much anywhere that will quickly help me feel calm and more relaxed.
Becky is very easy to be around and immediately put me at ease. She has a soothing presence that allowed me to feel safe and secure during our session. I think she has a unique ability to tap into emotions that I was feeling that I wasn’t even consciously aware of. I think anyone who tries a yoga therapy session with Becky will gain something positive from the experience, and I highly recommend it to those seeking to understand themselves better and to feel better physically.​ 

H. H. | Simpsonville, SC

I first started going to Peach Blossom after the birth of my son.  My pregnancy and his first months of life were challenging.  I spent time on hospital bedrest and he spent six weeks in the NICU.  Yoga therapy with Becky helped me greatly during the transition into motherhood.  I have had several sessions and each has been unique and deeply beneficial so much so that I’ve continued to see Becky over the course of the last year to address other past traumas.  I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with her, you will be so glad that you did!

D. B. F. | Greenville, SC

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