I’ve just spent the last few days being confronted with edges that I haven’t seen in awhile.  I had a nice break from them.  I thought that I had worked through a few of them, but hello, there they are. They weren’t completely gone.  It’s not that I haven’t worked through some of these issues, but what I found is a completely different level to them.  What this said to me was that it was time to learn a bit more about myself and how I react/respond to things.

So, you might be wondering what I’m talking about.  What is an edge?  An edge is a place of discomfort.  If you were less in an edge, then you wouldn’t be noticing much.  If you were more deeply in an edge it would be too painful to stay for very long.  There’s a sweet spot of not too much & not too little in an edge where you can learn a lot about yourself.

Edges can be physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Once you start to pay attention to when you are in an edge, then you’ll begin to learn a lot about yourself.  It’s not always easy to hang out in these edgy places.  Often they are uncomfortable and you just want to change the situation so that you’re not feeling the same things anymore.

That desire to move away from the uncomfortable feelings that you experience in an edge stops you from learning about yourself.  Each time you move away from the uncomfortable, there’s some tidbit of knowledge about yourself that you didn’t get.  That new knowledge could help you to make changes in your life that will create more ease and flow.  They also could lead you to live more from your own truth.

Over the last few days, I’ve been confronted with multiple edges.  There were one or two that I just wanted to walk away from.  I wasn’t ready to learn anything else about the situation or myself.  I actually did remove myself from the situation a couple of times because it was way easier to be me when I removed myself.  Some edges you just aren’t ready to confront.  I found a few of mine again.

It reminds me that I don’t have to confront all of my edges at once.  That would certainly be scary and way more than I can handle.  There’s a reason that we often make changes in small increments in our lives.  Small changes come from visiting an edge but not overdoing the time you spend there.  You learn just a little bit about yourself and then implement the change that you want or need.  Then, you can start over, learn a little bit more and make another small change.

Those edges that exist in our lives are really gifts that help you to grow.  Sometimes edges will smooth over a bit but still be there for you to explore more when you’re ready.  And, as was just brought to my attention again, our edges often have multiple levels that we need to work through before we’ve gotten the entire lesson.

So, what did I learn from revisiting some of my edges?  Well, I won’t share it all here, but I will summarize it by saying that I learned to be more true to me.  By doing this, I’m happier and feel better about myself.  In the end, if I can live a happier life where I feel better about myself, then I’m doing okay. And, when I’m happier, I tend to spread that happiness out to others.

I’ll continue to explore those edges and learn things that will move me towards an even happier life.  But, I’ll try not to put myself in so many edges at once.  After all, no one needs to be tested or pushed that much.

If you’d like to gently explore the edges that are in your life, then schedule a private session with me.  I promise not to go overboard with you like I did with myself over the past few days.  I’ll help you start those incremental changes in your life that will move you closer to a happier you one step at a time.


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