Balance can be called a state of equilibrium.  It’s a state of equality between 2 or more things, people, equations, etc.  This does not usually describe my life.  More often then not, I am unbalanced.  I’m either working too late or deciding not to work at all and taking the day off.  I’m either doing too much or my body has had enough and I’ve come down with a cold or other illness.  I know that I feel much better when I’m more balanced, but I find it so hard to achieve that balance on a frequent basis.

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about needing to stop so that my introverted self could recharge.  That happened because I was living in an unbalanced state.  I can only keep it up so long before something needs to or has to give.  I will eventually find a little balance even if unintentionally.

That balance lets me do more of what’s important to me while at the same time providing for myself.  Being able to rest when I need to rest gives me the energy to teach more classes or to do what needs doing around the house.  Giving myself the chance to cook food that nourishes me, gives me the fuel for my brain and for my body to accomplish the many tasks in my day.  Finding little ways to be more balanced in my life pay off in much bigger ones.

So, why do I let myself become unbalanced over and over again.  I guess I’m a bit of a slow learner.  I know I feel better when I allow time for exercise, work, play, rest and engagement with others.  I just forget and let part of my life take over the other parts sometimes.  I forget to adjust before I get too depleted in any one area of my life.  I become unbalanced again.

One of the biggest ways that I become unbalanced is the work/life balance.  Because I work from home, it’s so easy to step back into work and do just one or two more things.  Part of me feels like I’m accomplishing a lot this way.  The other part of me is just tired from not taking a complete break when I need to do so.

How do I prevent this?  How can I keep myself from overdoing something?  This is something that I’ve been exploring for many years.  My body’s wisdom tells me to listen to what it has to say.  When I do listen to my inner wisdom, I live more in harmony with myself.  I realize that I need to rest, play, eat, exercise or do whatever it is needing in the moment.  I feel better when I do that.

Unfortunately the demands of modern society don’t always let me listen to what my body needs or wants.  Sometimes, I just can’t take the time to stop and do what I need to do.  That makes it my challenge to find ways to provide that support for myself in a different manner or time so that I can still find balance in my life.  Maybe that means taking a nap prior to an event or exercising after a meeting.  There are so many ways to be balanced in life.  Discovering what works best for me is part of the process of not overdoing in one area of my life or another.

To complicate this idea of balance, I find my life balance to change depending on my circumstances at the time.  When I’m traveling I need different things then when I’m sitting at my desk at home and working.  When I’ve temporarily got extra activities on my agenda, I need something different then when I’ve got a calm spell in my life.

Exploring that changing balance is my challenge and my goal.  The skills that I’ve learned through yoga and yoga therapy have given me the ability to really listen to what is happening in the moment for me.  Really listening, is the first step to knowing when something isn’t working and I’m becoming unbalanced in life.  I’m not perfect at listening to myself, but each time I practice that skill I get just a little bit better at it.  I remember to balance out my needs and to be healthier for it.

How is your life balance?  Do you need help figuring out what balance might look like for you?  Navigating Change is starting soon.  If you’re ready to make a change in your life and find more balance, then join me for this 4 week program in April.  We’ll develop skills to make life work better for you and you’ll cultivate clarity, self-awareness and peace.  Join me on this journey of self-discovery!


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