My life was a little messy this week.  I know that life has a tendency to be messy at times, this messiness just points out to me that it’s not a place where I thrive.   When it does happen I find myself looking for ways to get back to the ease and flow that I’ve come to love in my life.

So, what happened this week?  Really, each thing alone wasn’t that bad.  It’s just that so many unusual things were happening that I felt completely out of my norm.

Here’s what went on this week.

I taught extra classes to cover for some other instructors who were out of town for Spring Break.  This left me extra tired and uninspired to do things that were on my to do list.  I feel behind and in need of catching up like yesterday already.  I know this isn’t going to happen, but I admit to that small part of me that will push & push until I get most of the things on my list done.   So, being tired and uninspired had me feeling even more frustrated than normal about getting things done.

I also mosly finished  up a class that I’ve been taking to further my therapy career.  This class was a good thing in my life, but it also meant extra work that isn’t usually in my day.  I technically still have a couple of assignments to turn in, but I’ll get there.

Additionally, I had the displeasure of telling someone that their plans for me weren’t going to work out.

Oh & my husband changed cars this week & that meant a little extra drama around the house as well as all of the paperwork that needed to be taken care of in a timely manner.

didn’t get done the things that I meant to get done this week & I spent time putting out fires that I didn’t even start.  Does any of this sound familiar?

From all of that, the biggest source of stress this week was because someone else promised that I would do something without asking me first.  When this happens, it often doesn’t end well. In this case what was promised was not something that I could fulfill in the time frame given to me.  This left me with the uncomfortable feeling of having to defend myself as to why this just wouldn’t work.  If I had just been asked in the first place, I would have told the other person up front that their plan wasn’t feasible.

I’m still waiting for this one to be completely resolved, but I know that at this point I’ve done what I can to get my point across.  This situation was particularly stressful for me because I felt as if my voice was going unheard.  I was stressed that this situation existed and that I couldn’t follow through as was asked of me.  Which, considering that this wasn’t my idea in the first place, was a bit unfair.

How did I get past this unfair situation that I was in & all of the other things this week?  Well, I spent time in my own asana & meditation practice this week.  This helped me to listen to my own inner wisdom & uncover a way forward.  I realized what was really bothering me in this particular situation was that my opinion wasn’t being taken into consideration.  My voice wasn’t being heard.  So, I did what felt right & I typed up an email, reread it a dozen times and sent it.  Basically, I explained why this situation wouldn’t work & left it in their hands to now sort out.

Things are on their way to being resolved and I feel so much better for putting my own opinion out there and being heard.

As to all of those other things that happened this week, it really was just a case of life being life.  I can accept these situations and move forward with a new path.  Or, I can spend time refusing to accept the messiness of life this week & just be irritable and unflexible.  What I chose to do was to accept the messiness so that I could then make choices that would help me through the messiness.  That meant a little extra rest because of the extra classes that I taught.  It meant finishing up assignments and it also meant letting myself be heard.

Life is messy.  What makes a difference in a messy life is how you perceive it and choose to deal with it.  This really is up to you.  You can let the messy life drag you down or you can choose a path that takes you back to the ease and flow of life.  What’s your choice?

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