This past week was tough at times.    I had computer issues that prevented me from having an online session.  There were cancellations & other sudden or unexpected changes to my schedule.  I also needed to do some planning for my upcoming groups yet couldn’t seem to focus. On top of all of this, I was recovering from what was probably a stomach virus. All this was going on while I tried to get back into the swing of things after the holidays.  It was anything but a smooth transition back to ‘normal’ after the holidays.

All of this has me thinking about the small changes that happen on a daily basis.  When you are trying to make big changes in your life, it’s those small changes that stand out the most.  Perhaps, like me, you attempt to schedule things and then everything goes off the rails.  Or perhaps, you intend to do something new and you just can’t find the time.  Daily life has a way of getting in the way of what we intend to do on a larger scale.

This is what happened to me last week.  I had plans and goals that changed on an hour to hour basis at times because nothing worked out as I planned.  I found myself getting tense over the small, unintended changes to my schedule.  I could feel it in my jaw & my overall attitude.  I kept telling myself that it was ok that X or Y didn’t happen the way I intended.  Maybe the change to my schedule was a good thing in the grand scheme of things.

My intention going into last week was to go through the week with ease and flow.  So, that’s what I tried to do.  When one thing didn’t work out as expected, it created space for me to do something else that I needed to accomplish.  All those little changes to my schedule were actually ok.  I just had to remember my intention for the week.  Ease & Flow.

Now that the week has finally ended and I have time to prepare for the next week, I’m reflecting back on the last week.  Change can be those small things that happen in our lives on a daily basis.  It can be the intention to move through the week with ease & flow & then finding out you can actually do that one little action at a time.  Change can also be found in the larger mindset that we have with us all of the time.  Are you still looking at life with the same thoughts and ideas that you had a year ago?  Or, are you looking at your life through the thoughts and ideas that you have now?

Being in the moment with your thoughts is change.  Change from the past to the present.  Change is with us all of the time whether we like it or not.  Sometimes, like I did last week, you just have to hang on for the ride that is change.  As we’re making those large changes in our lives, it’s those small ones that will be the hardest to accept and move into.

I’m still in the middle of moving and expanding my business at it’s new location.  That’s created a lot of little changes for me and they don’t always go as I expected.  So, I’m hanging on for the ride and ready to see where it takes me next.

How is your daily life impacting the larger goals and/or changes that you’re bringing into your life?  If you need help with those changes big or small set up a session with me and we’ll dig deeper into how the changes are affecting your life.


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