When was the last time that you listened to your intuition?  I mean really listened to it?  It talks with you all of the time, but most of us aren’t in the habit of paying any attention to it.  We’re so busy reacting to the outside world, that we often miss those inner cues that are telling us that something is right or wrong for us.  So, what would it be like to listen to your own intuition again?

Would it be comforting to know that your intuition can guide you?  Would it be helpful to  have that insight?  Would you check in with it more often?

I think when I listen to my own intuition, my life is more in alignment with what is important to me.  I feel life is going the right way and it’s just easier.  In contrast, when I’m not listening to my own intuition, it seems like most things are a battle.  I’m working harder to get less done and most things just don’t feel right.

Have you ever had a time in your life where everything just seemed to work out for you?  Did it come after a major decision or life change?  Did you notice that your own intuition played a part in your decision?  Even if you weren’t really aware that your intuition had played a part in the decision, chances are that it did.  You might have felt a slight pull in one direction or another.  That pull was enough to help you lean a certain way in that decision.

Your intuition is that part of you that just knows what is the right thing for you.  In the past, I’ve had these moments where I just knew it was time to quit a job or that it was time to go in a certain direction with my life.  I’ve learned that when I get that feeling, it’s time to trust it because it’s always right.  This doesn’t mean that everything is easy just because I listen to my intuition, but it does mean that I’m being guided by my own inner wisdom that knows what is best for me.

It’s like a muscle in your body.  The more that you listen to your own inner wisdom/intuition, the better you get at it.  You’re able to check in with it when you want to decide if something is for you.  This can be big life decisions or small ones.  It doesn’t really matter.  We all have this ability to use our intuition to our advantage.

The choice is yours.  Do you use this ability to make your life into something that works for you?  Or do you ignore it and continue to fight with life as it’s presented to you?

This is a skill that I help people to improve upon in both one-on-one sessions and group sessions.  The approach might be a little bit different, but the end result is learning to trust in your own inner guidance again.  It feels a bit like coming home when you are in alignment with your own guidance.  I see this happen with all of my clients.  That ability to trust in yourself is like a gift.  It’s one that you can open over and over again whenever you need it.

We sometimes let this skill get a little bit rusty.  Life gets hectic or we forget to check in with our intuition.  Or maybe you just never learned this skill to begin with.  Whatever the reason that this skill is not fully developed right now, I can help you reconnect.

Are you ready to begin to listen to your own inner wisdom again?  My group program has seen amazing results already.  I’d  love to see you in the next group program.  You have just one chance to take Navigating Change this summer.  It doesn’t start until July 11th, but the Early Bird Rate ends on May 31st.  So, if you’re ready to learn to listen to your own intuition again, then sign up for the summer round of Navigating Change before May 31st and save a few dollars off of the price of the course.

Come and join me on this powerful journey of self-discovery!




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