Listen to your body

I see a lot of different clients in my practice. I work with each client in unique ways but there are some constants that I use in each of my sessions. One of those constants is that I always encourage you to listen to your body. Why is that? It’s because there are so many messages that your body is waiting to share with you and all of these message combine to give you exclusive insight into your life.

You see no one else is like you. You are a unique being and the messages that come from your body are as unique as you are.

These messages will vary from day to day because you’re always changing. Maybe you slept or ate differently. Maybe you did a different workout or even skipped your workout. Or, maybe you got into a disagreement with a spouse or friend and you’re still feeling that in your body. All of these things will affect your body and the messages that come from it.

Most don’t listen to your body’s messages

The problem is that you’re often not ready to hear these messages. So, instead of listening you keep doing what you’re doing. This can lead you down the wrong path. Perhaps you keep eating something that really doesn’t agree with your digestion. Or, perhaps you continue to push yourself in a workout that leads to an injury. When you don’t listen inward, you keep doing the things that don’t really agree with you.

Either way, simply by paying more attention to the messages coming from your body, you could prevent yourself from discomfort or harm.

Why do you ignore these messages?

Well, often it’s because it’s something that you don’t want to really hear. You’re all creatures of habit & hearing that something needs to change is not easy to accept. Often you want to continue doing exactly the thing that you’ve been doing. I get it. I don’t always like change either!

Here’s an example from my own life.

I’m a night owl by nature.

Most nights I feel energetic well into the night & I can get quite a lot done during this time. However, this often means that I don’t get enough sleep & the next day I’m slow to wake up & get started with my day. This is a problem because at least once a week I have an 8 am meeting & can’t sleep in to make up for the late night. I can get away with late nights & early mornings for only so long. Eventually, like everyone else, I need sleep.

If I listen to my body, then I would give myself the rest that I need & go to sleep earlier. Instead, the night owl in me is strong & will keep me awake way later than is good for me. So, I ignore my body & it’s needs & stay up late. Only to be tired again the next day. It’s a message that I don’t really want to hear & so I ignore it as long as possible.

It’s a vicious cycle that’s not really good for me long term. I don’t want to change my habit of staying up later but, eventually, I give in to my body & either take the nap that I need or sometimes, I give my night owl an evening or two off & go to bed earlier.

No one else can listen to your body & it’s messages the way that you can.

Have you ever had someone else tell you what you need to do? Did they get input from you and your body first?

I’m going to guess that the first answer is yes & the second answer is no.

Other people always think that they know what you need to do, be & have in your life. The problem is that they don’t take into account the messages that your body is sending to you. In all honesty, it’s because they aren’t even aware of these messages. These other people don’t know that you’re tired all of the time or that you really don’t want to eat that food that always gives you gas every time you eat it. They are giving you advice that is flawed because they don’t have all of the information from you & your body.

Do you want this exclusive insight?

The good news is that it’s yours whenever you want it. All that you have to do is listen to your body. Simply by paying more attention to how you feel in the present moment. The message might be as simple as you need to go to bed earlier tonight (like me). It might be more complex. Regardless the act of listening to your body in the present moment will give you insight into yourself that no one else can or will have.

Try an Awareness Break!

One easy way to get started with this is to try an Awareness Break. These breaks are a way to check in with yourself & notice your body. Is it tired, achy or cold? Are you hungry? Do you need to stretch your back? Do your feet hurt? The power comes from stopping whatever you’re doing & noticing your body even for a few seconds. What messages is it sending to you? You’ll only hear those messages if you stop to listen.

Awareness Breaks don’t take up much time & they’re easy. Here’s how to do them. Simply stop what you’re doing. Notice how you feel. Notice any emotions, sensations in your body, and thoughts. This can be done in as little as 20-30 seconds. Just taking the time to notice the present moment is valuable. Sometimes you might even decide to take action based on what you notice. For example, if your back is aching from sitting too long, perhaps you change your position & walk around for a few minutes. However, you might not decide to make any changes based on your awareness.

Either way, it’s okay. The real power comes from the insight you get from noticing the messages from your body.

If you’d like to learn more about listening to the messages from your body, then let’s chat. I love to share this work with everyone!

And remember… it’s time to liver happier & healthier!


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