inner wisdom

Have you listened to your inner wisdom lately?  How much time have you spent listening to your body recently?  The two are connected more than you know.

Since I became a yoga teacher over 14 years ago, I’ve learned to pay attention to what I feel in my body.  After teaching yoga for almost 10 years, I thought that I knew what that meant.  Then, I began to study Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy in 2015.  

Wow!  I found out that there is a much deeper conversation that my body is having with me.  I just have to connect and listen.  

There’s a direct connection.

You see, what is happening in your body is happening in your life and vice versa.  

Now, whenever I practice yoga, I listen in to this conversation.  I sometimes hear something that I’ve heard before.  It’s my bodies way of reminding me that I need to make a change.  Until I do so, my body will continue to remind me.  

Sometimes, I have totally new sensations.  That’s always an opportunity for me to explore new messages from my body.  

Whether those sensations are new and unfamiliar or I’ve had them over and over, when I listen to my body’s inner wisdom I am empowered to make changes.  These changes might be huge or maybe they are small.  It doesn’t really matter.  The key is to pay attention to what is happening and take action.

Do you listen to your body’s inner wisdom when it’s talking?

“I had a gut feeling…”

“My heart wasn’t in it.”

“I had a sinking feeling in my stomach.”

These are all examples of your body trying to talk to you.  

Have you experienced any of these feelings?  What about an ache that just won’t go away?  If your doctor has told you that you’re fine, but that ache is still there, maybe it’s time to approach the ache a little differently.  Instead of looking for a quick fix, take some time to really listen inward.  You might be surprised by what you learn.  You might realize that you need to let go of a past trauma or make a change in your life.

Give it a try!  

Take a moment and see what’s happening in your  body.  You can do this from your chair or standing right where you are.  Just close your eyes. Take a deep breath and let all that breath go.  Then ask yourself, “What am I feeling right now?”  You might be surprised what happens when you bring your awareness to your body.  Whatever you find out, don’t try to judge it.  Just acknowledge it and learn from it.

This is a practice.  You may not find it easy to start, but the more often that you take the time to listen to your body, the better that you’ll get at it.  

For me, learning to make this connection has been life changing.  I’ve been able to move forward from the past and make changes that will improve my life going forward.  

Are you ready to make changes?  Are you ready to listen to what your body has to say?  It all starts with mindfulness & awareness.

I have a free workshop coming up this weekend on 3/7.  It’s your chance to experience mindfulness in connection to your own body.  If you’d like to join me, then CLICK HERE to sign up.  I hope to see you there!

Love & hugs,



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