Let Everything Settle

It’s late in the afternoon & late in the week. I don’t really want to do anything. I’m feeling unfocused and ready for a break. My body is telling me to let everything settle.

Can you relate?

There’s been a lot of shifting in my life lately. Some of these shifts have been pretty large. After each shift, I find that I need to let things rest a bit before I can make more changes.

That’s part of what’s happening right now. Sure, It’s been a full week. I’ve gotten a lot done & accomplished some big goals. I feel good about the past few days but I think that I need to let a few things settle now.

Let everything settle…

This is what I tell my clients frequently. Make a shift. It doesn’t matter whether it is large or small. Just make that shift & then let it settle. You can’t always tell the results of a shift ahead of time. So, when making a shift in your life, let it settle before moving on to the next shift.

For me, that means adjusting to my new normal, listening to my own body’s wisdom & being flexible with life. It’s okay that I don’t have all of the answers right now. I can sit in this uncertain place as this major life change settles all around me. I don’t have to make any more major changes right now and that’s okay.

Instead I can sit outside on this beautiful fall day at my makeshift outdoor desk. I can do a little bit of easy work to finish off my week and I can release the need to know my next steps.

Sometimes not doing anything is really doing something. In this case, it’s a letting go of the need or desire to accomplish & move on. It’s also a letting go of the push on to the next thing in life.

Not doing anything is really giving me the chance to settle in to this new normal & my current truth.

Not doing anything is really important too!

In the past, this has often meant that I could be found doing some restorative yoga. Right now, that also means sitting outside listening to the neighbor’s goat and enjoying the end of a beautiful fall day.

What does doing nothing look like for you?

Do you find it edgy to not make changes in your life? Is it difficult to be in that place of not knowing?

I get it! It’s edgy for me too, but I have come to accept that this is needed for me as well.

So, I’ll just hang in this space a bit longer. I’ll learn from it & be patient as my next steps begin to unfold ahead of me.

Until next week…

Love & Hugs,


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