Have you ever noticed that there are parts of yourself that are harder to accept than others?  If you can’t accept those parts, then what do you do?  Do you pretend that they don’t exist?  Do you push that part down so that it can’t exert itself very often?  If you’ve spent much time around me, then you might have heard me say “It all gets to be there.”

While in Denver to help train new yoga therapists, I was reminded of just that.  It all gets to be there.  This means that you don’t have to deny a part of you exists.  You can accept it without letting it control your life.

We all have parts of ourselves that are harder to accept.  I’m no different.  There are parts of me that could be called lazy, but there are also parts of me that are ambitious.  I know it sounds like a contradiction.  I can be both lazy and ambitious. I probably won’t be exhibiting both traits at the same time, but they do both exist inside of me.

When you spend time denying a part of yourself exists, then you’re not quite a whole being.  You’re ignoring a part of who your are.  Take my laziness for example.  It doesn’t come out too often.  Some would say that I’m always working and thus not lazy.  However, there are times when I want to do absolutely nothing.  The lazy part comes out and wants to take over.  I’ve found that if I accept that part of me and allow myself to be lazy, then that part is satisfied and then I’m ready to get back to whatever is attracting my attention at the time.  The lazy part of me is there to remind me that I need to slow down at times.  It can prove to be a valuable part of who I am.

The same can be said for my ambitious side.  I can ignore that ambition, but in doing so I’m ignoring a part of who I am.  Instead of ignoring that part of me, I prefer to accept it & embrace it.  That part of me is the part that gets me moving forward in life.  When I want to make a change, it’s this part that helps me to implement that change.  The ambitious part of me is also a valuable part of who I am.

Now, there will be people in your life who might not agree with some of the parts of your personality.  What they don’t understand is that each part of you is valuable and helpful in certain situations.  It all gets to be there.

It feels so good to me to accept the parts of myself that I have long denied.  I feel more whole in mind, body and spirit.

This is one of the reasons that I love going to these trainings.  I’m often reminded of little things like ‘It all gets to be there’.  I take these reminders home with me.  I’ve absorbed them a little deeper and these reminders are now more a part of me than they were in the past.

If you need help accepting parts of yourself that you’ve long denied, then schedule a private session with me.  Together we can begin the journey to making you whole again!


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