Listen to your inner wisdom more often.

Have you listened to your inner wisdom lately? My body speaks to me every day. Some days are louder than others but my body always has messages for me. They can be as simple as I need to get more sleep or as complex as it’s time to change something in my life. No matter what the message, my body has wisdom that can help to guide me in my life. I just have to be willing to listen.

Unfortunately, I’m not always in a listening mood.

How about you? Do you pay attention to what your body is saying?

When I’m ignoring what my body’s inner wisdom has to say, then I’m usually listening to my mind instead and that’s when issues start to arise.

Your mind isn’t always right.

Your mind is fascinating because it’s always producing thoughts. I often hear people say that they can’t meditate because their mind won’t be quiet. Well, I hate to break it to you, but your mind will always be producing thoughts. That’s it’s job!

Your mind does it’s job so well that it can be very distracting. You hear these thoughts & you take action on them without even realizing it. In the middle of the afternoon, your mind might tell you that some cookies would taste good right now. So, off you go to get the cookies for your afternoon snack.

Did you stop to check in with your body? Are you even hungry? Or, is your mind looking for a distraction from the work that you need to do?

Your mind will often mislead you or take you down a path that you don’t really want to go. You are not your thoughts and you don’t have to take action on your thoughts.

This is what happens for bigger life issues as well. Instead of paying attention to all of your information, you listen to the thoughts coming from your mind & take action. Before you know it, you’ve stayed in a situation longer than you meant to stay & you’ve ignored all of the cues from your body to shift and create change.

Those aches & pains that you have & don’t know why…that’s your body trying to talk. If you doctor tells you that nothing is physically wrong with you, then it’s time to consider that your body is trying to send you a message. If you don’t pay attention to your body early, then it’s going to get louder & louder.

It will get your attention sooner or later, but it’s nice if you listen before you get sick, injured or burnt out.

We live in our minds most of the time. Try your inner wisdom for awhile.

I often find that the inner wisdom coming from my body is much more helpful than the thoughts coming from my mind. My body is more compassionate and wiser than my mind as well.

With thoughts being generated by our minds so frequently, it’s no wonder that we get caught up in the messages that our minds are sending to us. Those thoughts are entertaining you & guiding you. It’s only part of the picture though. A more complete picture takes in your body’s wisdom as well.

If you don’t believe me, than take a few minutes to check in with your body today. Chances are that it has a different message that it wants to share with you than your mind does. Take in all of this information before you make a decision. You’ll find that the decision is more in tune with your overall goals and you’ll be more in alignment with what you really want.

Not sure how to listen to your body?

I can help with that. Set up a free 15 minute call & we’ll talk about how I can help you listen to your body’s wisdom.

Love & hugs,



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