Have you ever said that? It also sounds something like – I’ll rest when… I’ll take care of myself when… I’ll take up that hobby when… I’ll go there or be happy when…

No matter which version you say, you’re talking about putting off your own dreams and goals until something else happens. As a mom, you probably have done this a lot. You might even still be doing it. I know I’ve done this in the past. Many times.

As a mom you sacrifice and put off your own dreams so that you can take care of your kids. It gets to be such a habit that when the time comes that you can do something for yourself, you can’t quite figure out what to do.  You’re so used to putting off your own dreams that you can’t even remember them anymore.

This time comes when your kids have left for college or moved out of your house. All of a sudden you’ve reached that point when you don’t have to sacrifice your own goals so that you can get the kids fed, bathed and to school.  You have the time to follow a dream or desire, but what will it be?

I know as I reached that point where my kids were leaving home that I didn’t remember my own goals anymore. I knew that I had more time to and for myself coming soon but I didn’t know what I was going to do with that time.

Does that sound familiar to you? Now that you don’t have to make sure the kids make it to school and to bed, do you know what you want to do with your time?

It took me a little while to figure it out. There was a lot of self-exploration. Some trial and error. I knew that I wanted to develop/change my career in yoga, but I wasn’t quite sure what that would look like in the end.  Eventually, I discovered yoga therapy and how I could use it to listen to my own body and the wisdom that it holds.  This was eye opening and led me to really connecting to what I wanted to do with myself in the post child-rearing stage of life that I was entering..

So, I jumped right into the yoga therapy training and began a new journey.  I learned the skills to listen to my own body’s wisdom and to use that to direct my life.  During this time, I also realized that I wanted to help other women during this huge life transition.

I had help figuring out what I want to do and which dreams to follow.  However, a lot of women that I speak with haven’t had that help.  They feel lost and adrift.  They don’t have a focus or purpose anymore and it feels painful and scary.  Does this sound familiar to you?  Do you feel like you need someone to give you some guidance?

Going from being a mom who put off her dreams and desires in order to take care of my kids to someone who could act on those dreams and desires again was a huge transition for me. Now, I have a mission to help other moms reconnect to their dreams and uncover what they want to do in this next stage of life.

You can navigate this transition too!  It takes a little bit of self-inquiry, some time and some patience, but you can find your focus and purpose again.  I’m ready to help you do just that!

In February, I’m starting a new 4 week course, Empty Nest Essentials, to help you make that transition smoothly and with more ease.  I’ve just opened up registration.  The course is online so that you can do this at your pace and from your own home.

You’ll drop the guilt and gain clarity.  Reclaim the commitment to you.  Confidently create a life that fits you now.  Ignite your discovered passion.  Design your ideal day & live it daily.

I’m excited to guide you into this next stage of life.  It’s your turn to shine again!

To learn more about Empty Nest Essentials click here.  The Early Bird Rate is only available until January 17th.  Take advantage of the discount and register early!


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