thrive again

It’s my turn to thrive again.  You might be wondering what I mean by that.  Let me explain with a bit of my story.

It all started with me asking myself…Who am I now?

This story begins with me being a mom of two.  I have a daughter and a son and they’ve been my focus for many years.

When my daughter was born with some health issues, I made the decision to stay at home with her.  I needed to be there for her & honestly I’m glad that I made that choice.

This started a pattern for me.  When my son was born, this didn’t really change.  I continued to put both of my kids first.

While I didn’t go back to work full-time until after both of my kids left home, I did work part-time while they were growing up.  My part-time jobs were always something that I could work around my kids’ schedules and it felt really good to contribute to our household finances while still putting my kids first.

When my kids were young, I found yoga at my YMCA.  I loved it so much that I did my first training that led to me getting a part-time job teaching yoga.

With my new passion for teaching yoga, I was able to continue my pattern of working part-time while I put my kids’ needs first.  That meant that I could teach while they were in school or when I knew that it wouldn’t interfere with their extracurricular activities.

This continued until my daughter left home at 16 to finish high school at a boarding school.

Who am I now?

It was at this time that I started to realize what I had been doing for the last 16 years.  I had basically put much of my own life on hold so that my kids always came first.  Sure, I worked part-time for most of that time, but it was only at jobs that minimally interfered with their lives.

I started to ask myself who I was and what I really wanted to do with myself.  When my daughter left, I knew that my son wasn’t far behind and I didn’t want to be completely lost once they were both gone.

This started a process of exploration for me.  For about a year, I kept asking myself the following…What am I going to do with myself once both of my kids are gone?  I didn’t try to pressure myself into making a decision before I was ready, but I was open to suggestions. Yes, I knew that I wanted to keep teaching yoga, but I also knew that there was more that I could do with it besides simply teaching yoga classes.  I just didn’t know what that meant.

My next step.

Then, one day I just knew what my next step would be.  I was going to study to become a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist.  This wasn’t a simple weekend training.  No, this was an extensive pursuit.  It involved many courses and 900 hours of training.

I started my training in November of 2015 and finished in September of 2020.  It took me almost 5 years to complete this course of study.  I was determined to finish this goal and I did!

Along the way, as my skills developed I shared them with the people around me.  I so appreciate all of the people who let me practice new skills with them.  I also appreciate the persistence that has kept me moving forward.

It was time for me to thrive again!

I spent so many years focusing on my kids that this 900 hours of training has been my chance to focus on my own goals again.  I know that not everyone wants to go back to school when their kids are leaving the nest.  For me, this was the right thing to do.

I needed to create something in my life that wasn’t about my kids.  This goal of being a yoga therapist was something that I wanted to do for me.  It’s something that I can continue to develop in the years to come.  I can use my skills to help other people and I can grow a business in a way that fits me.

I’ve gone from being a mom who focuses only on her kids to someone who is more complete.  I used to be the mom who didn’t know who she was separate from her kids, but now I’m happy to say I have a life outside of my kids and their activities.  I’m ready to thrive in this stage of life too!

I don’t regret spending so many years focused on my kids but I am very happy that I realized my time with them was ending and had the foresight to begin to plan what I would do after they moved out.

We know some major life transitions are are coming & we have the choice to plan ahead for them or let them take us by surprise.  I chose to plan ahead.

Are you ready to thrive?

What about you?  Are you in the middle of a major life transition such as divorce, retirement, empty nest, or career change?  Do you know what you want to do next with your life?  Are you ready to thrive?

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Until next time…

Love & Hugs,



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