We’re half-way through 2022 already. Time seems to be flying by! How has your year been so far? Have you accomplished some of the goals that you set at the first of the year? I’ve found that the best way to create a shift in your life is to change from the inside out. So, if the life changes haven’t worked out for you, maybe it’s time to do something differently and look inward first.

Don’t feel bad if the changes you sought for 2022 haven’t occurred already. It happens to most of us. You decide to change something and old habits drag you right back to where you started.

How do you change a habit?

What will make the changes stick.?

The answer will vary for everyone, but so often you try to change yourself from the ‘outside in’. I find that change from the inside out works so much better. So, if what you’ve tried already isn’t working, then it’s time to try a different way. Why not look within you first before you try to change a habit?

What does that mean?

You can think of changing yourself from the ‘outside in’ in this way. I’ll use the very common example of wanting to lose weight. In order to do that you might change your diet so that you are eating healthier. You might eat less. You also might start to exercise or exercise more than normal. In this way, you’re trying to change your body using outside variables. You might succeed if you can get those outside variables just right, but you won’t be addressing why you are overweight to begin with. Chances are without looking at why you were overweight to begin with, then you’ll likely slide right back into old habits that got you to that weight already.

To change from the ‘inside out’, think of the process starting differently. You might start by thinking about how you got to where you are right now. You might connect to any emotions that lead to unhealthy life choices. You might also spend some time connecting to your own inner wisdom.  We all have it but tend to not listen to it very much.  Your inner wisdom can probably shed some light on why you are overweight.  Maybe you’re trying to protect yourself from something or someone?  Maybe you’re afraid to be seen as the real you?  There could be so many reasons and these are just a few examples.   When you start with the inner work, you can get to the root cause.  Begin to make changes based on your inner dialogue and this will lead to changes on the outside.

Change from the inside out is opposite of what we normally do.

It’s easier to try to change something outside of yourself first. Does the following sound familiar?

You’re bombarded by endless lists that start something like this… Eat these 5 things to lose weight now or Do these 10 things to be more productive in your daily life. So, you think, why not? You’ll give it a try and see what happens. Sadly, they don’t normally lead to real, lasting changes in your life.

You can follow all of those lists but in the long run you’ll usually be more successful if you look inside yourself as well. Change from the inside out begins by understanding how you got to the present moment.  This can then lead you to changing the habits that are no longer serving you.

This work isn’t always easy!

There are a couple of reasons that you prefer to change from the outside first. One of them is that this work isn’t always easy. It requires you to shed light on emotions that you feel and an understanding of what is happening within you. Looking at and examining your emotions and thoughts can be scary and uncomfortable. In contrast, simply eating the 5 foods that a list tells you to eat can be simple. It might not work, but you don’t have to put forth too much effort to implement that eating style. So, you gravitate towards the easier less helpful solution. That’s normal!

The other big reason why you prefer to change from the outside is that you’re not taught how to do the inner work necessary to change from the inside out. The skills and awareness needed to change in this way isn’t something that you’re taught in school. I really wish they were! I think we’d all be better off if they were a part of the school curriculum.

Get support to shift things in your life

The good news is that you don’t have to create change all by yourself. Get support from someone who has experience with this type of change. A good therapist can help you with the process.

As I’ve navigated life change, I’ve gotten support over & over again. Yes, I’ve been trained to facilitate this type of change, but I find support for the process to be valuable. I handle the changes better by checking in with my inner self more often and having someone there to support the process keeps me coming back to what matters most to me. I know that I’ll fall into the trap of trying to change everything else first, but I also know that I’ll continue to come back to my own inner exploration.  Every time that I do come back to my own inner work, will be a step forward towards the outer changes that I’m seeking.

You can have that too! Reach out to a therapist for support. You deserve it & it’s time!

Set up a free chat to find out more about how I can support you in changing from the inside out.

And remember, it’s never too late to live healthier & happier.

Becky is a Yoga Therapist & has been teaching yoga since 2006. She loves to match people with a yoga practice that helps them to feel better every day & believes that there is a yoga practice for everyone. Click here to sign up for her mailing list & get all of the important news & tips first!


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