Now you can get this same information in video format with the Foot Yoga Masterclass!

Have you heard of Yoga for your feet?

Most people that I speak with haven’t but they will then tell me their foot stories.

Those stories include feet that are tired and achy, misshapen, weak and tight.  Some clients even tell me that they don’t even want to look at their feet and will refuse to take off their shoes and socks.

Do this sound familiar to you? I’ve heard all of this and more! 

It seems like many of my students don’t even like their feet.  The good news is that together we can shift this relationship with your feet.   

The Foot Yoga masterclass will help you to begin to change how you look at and feel about your feet.  I’ve put together exercises & stretches for feet that will have you changing your mind about them.  

Let’s Start With A Practice Of Mindfulness

I know that often you don’t pay much attention to your feet until they simply hurt from too much activity.  Let’s begin to shift that and take a moment to connect to your feet.

How do they feel right now? I’ll even challenge you to take your shoes off & have a good look at your toes & feet.

Are they achy & sore?  Do you have plantar fasciitis and they hurt, especially when you take those first few steps in the morning?  Are your feet weak & you need shoe inserts to support them?

Or, do you have toes that are misshapen from too many years of wearing shoes that don’t fit quite right?  Do your toes cross or do you have bunions or hammer toes?

What do you see?

Consider also that if you spend your workday walking around versus sitting at a desk?  That too will shift how your feet feel.

All of these things play a part in how your feet feel from day to day.

If you walk around all day long with feet that don’t feel good, then you begin to think of this as your normal situation.  It doesn’t have to be that way though!

Buy the Foot Yoga Masterclass

I know that some people prefer to do these exercises with me rather than to read about them   So, I’ve put together a masterclass of all of my favorite foot stretches and strengtheners so that you can follow along & learn how to have healthier, happier feet.

I have a heel spur so this book comes in handy. I was able to stretch my feet. The book helped lessen my pain tremendously. Love this yoga book. The price is also worth it. It’s reasonable.


What I know…

Because I’ve taught yoga for over 14 years, I’ve learned some great tips and tricks for feet.   Each one alone helps your feet to feel better.   Together, they can shift your feet forever and when you feet feel better, then the rest of you feels better too!

I’m continually looking for new ways to stretch & strengthen your feet.  Each time I find a new tip or trick, I add it to my list so that I can share them with you.  After years of putting these together, I’m still excited to learn more so that I can bring you the best yoga therapy ideas.

Becky Watson

I use these methods for myself too!

When my own plantar fasciitis acts up, I’ve even used these tips and tricks on myself.  I come back to them over & over and keep my body feeling better because of it.  Because I continue to use these same tips & tricks on myself, I know how fast they can make you feel better.

 I’ve given these simple exercises to hundreds of people!

Whether I’m teaching a yoga class or working with someone privately in my yoga therapy studio, I constantly talk with people who have foot issues.   

When this topic comes up, I know that I’ve got something of value to offer my client or student.  In fact, after just one round of the foot stretches, my clients can see the potential to feel better.  For years, students in my classes have made a point to come back to me to say how much better their feet feel! 


Becky’s Foot Yoga book is an easy to read, step by step guide with excellent pictures of stretches and toe strengthening exercises. After years of abuse, hammer toes, and a crossover toe, I have begun to do these foot exercises almost daily. My toes are beginning to lay flatter. I know it will take time to get my crossover toe back in line, but it’ll be worth the wait to not have to do it surgically! An excellent book for everyone looking to improve the health of their feet.

M. C.

Yoga for feet

There’s hope for your feet.

Recently, a client told me that what Foot Yoga gives her is hope.  She’s struggled with her feet for years & her feet always feel better after we spend a few minutes stretching & strengthening them.  That hope that she feels is that she doesn’t always have to struggle with her feet if she will give them a little TLC on a frequent basis. 

I’m always happy to hear how such a simple shift can make such a BIG difference for a client.  I love that Foot Yoga can give my clients hope for a better future with their feet!

It really can take just a few minutes a day!

Most importantly, it only takes a few minutes each day to show your feet a little self-love.  When you take this time for yourself, you’ll find that you feel better overall as well.  Start with just noticing your feet and then choose one, two or all of the exercises and suggestions to try.  Notice how your feet feel after each one and then keep the ones that make your feet feel the best.

Yoga for feet works!

I know that you’re tired of having achy, sore feet.  I was too.  These stretches & strengtheners for feet can help & they can feel better!

You just need to be consistent and show your feet a little extra love!  I have clients who leave my office with smiles because their feet feel better than they have in a long while.  Later, they tell me that they’ve been thinking of me every day & doing these simple exercises.  Their feet feel better and better.  This leads to the rest of their body feeling better and when we feel better we become happier and more productive.

Now you have 2 options to get this information!

By book or by video

I absolutely love hearing back from clients that their feet feel better and I want YOU to have that same experience as well.

Foot Yoga is available on Amazon in e-book & paperback.

Or, to buy the Foot Yoga Masterclass, click here.


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