Anxiety is feeling overwhelmed.  Anxiety is not being able to think clearly.  Anxiety is worrying over things that are out of your control.  Anxiety is that knot in your stomach that just won’t go away.  Anxiety take many forms in many people.  Whatever it looks like for you, it is real and it can take over your life.  Like most people, I’ve felt it at times.  It can make a difficult situation even more difficult.  What I try to remember is that anxiety doesn’t have to rule my life.  Instead, I can change the way that I live so that anxiety has less of a hold on me.

Sometimes anxiety can be dealt with by reconnecting to yourself.  When you take a deep breath or maybe even 10, you stop what you’re doing and give yourself that chance to notice what’s happening in that moment.  It’s called awareness.  Being aware can help you to realize that the issue is one you can or cannot control.  If you can control it, then you have choices to make to alter the situation.  If you can’t control it, then maybe you have the choice to let it go or to continue feeling anxious about the situation.  Either way, your awareness of a situation will lead you to choices about that situation.

For some people, when they get anxious, stopping to practice awareness in the moment is going to be very difficult to do.  To begin with this practice, a person has to be aware that they are feeling anxious.  Anxiety can become such a cycle in life that you don’t even notice it any more.  It becomes the normal way to be.  For those people who are in this cycle of anxiety, help in dealing with the anxiety is necessary.

Assistance in dealing with anxiety can come in many forms.  Many people benefit from medicine to help them get through the day.  Some people don’t want to take drugs.  These people might look for alternative methods to deal with anxiety.  These methods might include exercise, dietary changes, meditation, writing in a journal or therapy.

One therapy you can try is yoga therapy.  After working with many people who have anxiety, I’ve found that yoga therapy can be very helpful to deal with anxiety.  Through yoga therapy, I’ve been able to help these people use awareness of their body to connect to a root issue.  This root issue is often the cause of the current anxiety.  Once a root cause has been identified, clients are able to make a choice to deal with it in a manner that best suits them.

I personally have used yoga therapy to identify areas of my life that are causing anxiety.  Usually, it was something that I knew was an issue, but I just didn’t realize that it was causing so many problems in my body and my life.  The practice of yoga therapy, helped me to understand and connect how the anxiety was directing me in my daily life.  Once that connection was made, then I had the chance to make changes that would make my life less stressful.

I don’t cure your anxiety through yoga therapy.  What I do is help a client to explore what is happening in their body and then they can connect it to their life.  It’s this connection that often makes it more obvious that a change in life is needed in order to live your life with more ease.  So, you reduce your anxiety using your own wisdom.

Reducing anxiety takes practice and patience.  Know that it will still come back, but with time you can have a life that is not so full of anxiety.   Yoga therapy is a process, not an instant fix.  You will discover that you already have the wisdom to help with this problem.  Yoga therapy will help you to uncover that wisdom.

If you would like to try yoga therapy for your anxiety, set up a session by clicking the following link.  Click here to schedule a free consultation.



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