Last week, I wrote about being in the messy middle part of change.  I’m definitely still there, but this week I felt a shift happen in my thinking.  When going through change, there can be a period of resistance even if it’s a change that you seek.  At some point acceptance of the change will begin to happen and when it does, shift begins to happen as well.  That’s what I felt yesterday.

This was a shift to a new mindset for me.  It meant that I’m beginning to think differently and closer to moving in the direction that I want to go.  It was a welcome feeling for sure.

For me, this feeling of shift happened in an instance.  I all of a sudden knew that the change is going to be permanent and work out.  However, a shift in your mindset isn’t always quite so obvious.  As we go through change, your mindset will slowly begin to alter.  Sometimes this shift is so gradual that you don’t realize how much you’ve changed until you look back at yourself a year or two ago.  So this shift in mindset can be slow or fast depending on the circumstances.

My shift has been coming for quite a long while.  I’ve been creating and implementing a lot of changes over the last couple of years.  I think what I felt yesterday was just a culmination of all of the effort that I’ve put into myself and my world.  It was time to make a shift closer to the me that I want to be.

This shift in mindset makes me think of the fall season that has just begin.  Fall has felt slow in coming here in South Carolina this year.  The temperatures stayed higher and refused to go down even in the night.  Now as we begin October, the shift to the fall season seems to be happening.  It will all of a sudden be fall & we won’t think much about summer anymore.  It’ll be time to enjoy pumpkin spice everything, cooler & crisper air and warm soups and drinks.  Our focus will begin to shift without too much effort but there will be a definite shift.

My sudden shift was faster than the arrival of the Fall season this year, but the effect will be similar.  My focus will shift and I’ll alter my priorities.  I’ll operate from a different point of view.  I welcome this shift in mindset!

Have you noticed the shifts in your life?  They happen to all of us whether we want them to or not.  Change will happen.  Shift will happen.  How you handle your changes and shifts might depend on how much you are accept your current circumstances.  The more you can accept, the easier the shift into your new mindset or lifestyle.  The more you fight your changing and shifting, the harder you will make your life.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Roll with it”.   When you accept your change and the shift that comes with it, you are essentially rolling with it.  That’s what I’m doing right now.  I’ve decided that I’m rolling with this shift and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.  I’m not going to fight it.  Rather, I’m going to embrace that feeling that came over me yesterday and enjoy the ride as I roll on.


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