Walking in nature is a grounding practice.

Have you ever felt like you’re adrift at sea, unanchored and tossed about by the waves of life? Yeah, me too. It doesn’t feel very good! Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit ungrounded, my once-reliable routines no longer offering the same sense of stability and purpose. It’s like the ground beneath my feet has shifted, leaving me searching for a new center of gravity. Finding that new center takes time and being grounded means getting back to being ME again.

For me this loss of feeling grounded came from a major life change, but this feeling can also come from experiencing a loss in your life, a divorce, your kids leaving home, a job change, a traumatic event or even a move. It can be easy to be thrown off of your routines in one way or another and any of these things could do just that.

But here’s the thing: being grounded isn’t just about having a rigid schedule or sticking to the same old habits. There are many other layers to explore.

Life changes happen!

I’ve been thinking lately about what it means and how it feels to be grounded.  Why? Because I’ve found that lately I’m not as grounded as I used to be.   Life has shifted and with that shift some of my routines don’t work quite as well anymore. Those routines were very grounding to me.  So, now, I feel their loss.

For me being grounded isn’t just about routines though. It’s about knowing who I am at my core and what I’m doing with myself.  It’s also about  knowing my purpose and my direction.  Being grounded is about being comfortable with who I am and having the confidence to navigate the ever-changing landscape of life. 

With this life change, a divorce in my case, I can’t be grounded by the same routines that I had before.  In fact, I’ve found in the last two years that routine isn’t really in my life all of the time.  Things shift on a daily basis way more than they used to. 

With all of these daily shifts, I can start to feel like I can’t keep up.  It feels a bit unsettling and I don’t know what to expect.  These are the times that I need to take a break & sit in the sun for a few minutes. Why would I want to do that? Because in the present moment, I find the sunshine to be grounding. It gives me a little ‘hit’ of nature and it settles my soul.

Nature can be incredibly grounding!

When my schedules and routines have been thrown out the door, I have to find that sense of grounding in other ways.  Often that means being in nature more.  Sometimes it’s just sitting outside in the sunshine for a couple of minutes.  Sometimes it’s a walk at the park.  And, sometimes it’s pulling some weeds in my garden.  I feel better after even just a few minutes of any these activities.

However, after a longer stretch of not being grounded, what I really like to do is go for a hike.  Sometimes I like to just listen, watch and be in the calming influence of the woods.  So I often will simply stop, find a spot to watch nature for a while before continuing down the trail. It heals and grounds me like nothing else.

Being in nature always brings me back to myself.  It grounds me so that I can face the world with more ease.  It helps me to create connection to the vast world out there.   It also helps me to create connection to myself.   While I might be physically tired after a hike, I ALWAYS feel better mentally and emotionally after spending time in nature.

And, if you want to get literally grounded to the earth, then take off your shoes and go put your feet in the grass, dirt, or sand.   Doing this is called Earthing.  It will connect you in a more intimate way with Mother Nature.  It helps you to sync yourself to the earth and can also improve sleep and decrease pain and inflammation. Nice bonuses!!

Give dancing or doing a favorite hobby a try.

Dancing can be grounding.

Grounding isn’t the same for everyone.  Not everyone is going to gravitate towards nature like I do when I need a boost of grounding myself. It’s helpful to know what works for you.  For some women it’s dancing, being with friends or time alone.  It could also be doing a favorite hobby or activity.

If you’re not sure what grounds you, then try an activity.  Notice how you feel before you do it & then notice how you feel after you do it.  If it is more grounding, then you’ll feel calmer & more settled.  If you feel more scattered and unsettled, then this isn’t the grounding practice for you.

Whatever works for you, I recommend that you do it whenever possible. This practice will help you to weather the life changes that are bound to come your way. It’ll keep you connected to yourself in a much deeper way and this will in turn help you navigate daily life with more ease.

Routines and schedules can be incredibly supportive and grounding. They help you to know what to expect and what needs to be done. Sometimes despite your best efforts and plans though, those schedules and routines just aren’t going to work. When this happens you can lose that sense of being grounded in your routine. To combat this, find a different way to ground yourself. After all, it’s hard to be productive, happy, and healthy when you’re feeling out of sorts from not being grounded in your normal day to day life. Try getting out in nature or doing a favorite activity. Move your body, feel your body, and reconnect to YOU! If you need help with figuring out what works for you, then schedule a free chat with me. Everyone deserves to go through life feeling grounded and able to face whatever life is going to throw at them next! Find support for YOU through your own grounding practices.

Becky is a Yoga Therapist & has been teaching yoga since 2006. She loves to match people with a yoga practice that helps them to feel better every day & believes that there is a yoga practice for everyone. Click here to sign up for her mailing list & get all of the important news & tips first!


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