Essential Oils

My Essential Oil Journey…

I first began using essential oils maybe 10 years ago.  I was introduce to the idea of using Peppermint & Lavender essential oil for headaches.    

For years that was probably the only reason that I used them.  

Eventually, I got curious and started to learn a little more about essential oils.

I found out that ants and many other bugs really don’t like Peppermint oil and you can instantly stop them by incorporating Pepppermint Oil into a spray.  This was important because I’ve had multiple ant invasions over the years.  (Having kids can do that sometimes)

I also found out that essential oils can be used to wake you up, help you focus, improve your immune system and so much more.

The more that I’ve learned about essential oils, the more I fall in love with them.

I now use them daily in my house.  I use them in my diffuser most days & I’ll change the oils in it depending on how I feel.

Essential oils have made their way into my cleaning routines and my handsoap.  

I also use essential oils to calm my asthma, help my digestion function better and improve my immune system.

Occasionally I’ll even use essential oils in my yoga therapy sessions and I still go back to the original oils that I used.  You just can’t go wrong with a little bit of Peppermint & Lavender oil!

As you can tell, I love using essential oils in my daily life!

     Benefits of Essential Oils Include…

Boost mood

Reduce stress

Increase attentiveness

Kill bacteria, funguses and viruses

Reduce Anxiety

Reduce inflammationa

Improve sleep

Reduce pain

Reduce nausea

Relieve headaches

Improve quality of life

Increase Mental Calmness

Sample uses of Essential Oils

  • Add to a diffuser to breathe in the benefites
  • Create safe and healthy cleaning products
  • Blend with your favorite massage oil for added benefits at your next massage
  • As a supplement to your diet
  • In your favorite meal
  • Add a drop to your next glass of water
  • Add to bath salts for a relaxing bath


  1. Can I use essential oils straight from the bottle?  The answer is maybe.  Some oils are safe to use ‘neat’ without blending with a carrier oil.  Some are not.  Always use caution if you are applying the oil topically and read suggested uses of the oil.  Some oils need to always be blended with a carrier oil like Fractioned Coconut Oil.  To be safe always check before applying an oil topically.
  2. Can I take the oils internally?  Again, the answer is maybe.  Some oils are safe to use internally and some are not.  Always check about the individual oil.  In addition, only essential oils that are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade should be used internally.  If you’re not sure if yours are Therapeutic Grade than do not take them internally.

 What Happy clients say

about their yoga therapy journey…7


There are times in life when you need a helping hand.  At first, Yoga Therapy seems difficult because you’re allowing your body to speak, not your mind or your intellect. I believe emotions, grief, and trauma are stored in the body.  Sometimes they come out as disease.  After a frightening diagnosis Becky is helping me empower and be kind to myself.  An hour with her is more effective than 10 hours of  talk therapy.  Becky creates a safe space where I can be authentic, honest, actively listen, and allow another layer of that darn onion to be peeled away and given recognition.

Yoga Therapy is a unique approach for getting to the root of any issue that affects your body, mind, or spirit.  I am most grateful for the progress we have made so far and look forward to resolving issues I’ve bottled up for years.  Freedom and Wellness! Thank you, Becky!

S. D. | Greenville, SC

I first started going to Peach Blossom after the birth of my son.  My pregnancy and his first months of life were challenging.  I spent time on hospital bedrest and he spent six weeks in the NICU.  Yoga therapy with Becky helped me greatly during the transition into motherhood.  I have had several sessions and each has been unique and deeply beneficial so much so that I’ve continued to see Becky over the course of the last year to address other past traumas.  I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with her, you will be so glad that you did!

D. B. F. | Greenville, SC

…Almost all of my solutions have come from “within,” but I know that they would not be as clearly defined without Becky’s gentle, supportive guidance.  I strongly recommend Becky for yoga therapy.

P. S. |Simpsonville, SC

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