Take small steps to create transformation in your life.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” – James Baldwin

This quote came in the mail to me a few days ago. These words have been sitting on my counter for days. Even though they were on something that I wasn’t going to keep, I purposely left them there so that I could let the words sink in more. This quote resonated with me so much because of all the transformation that I’m going through right now.

Unfortunately we can’t change everything in life. For example, an accident might happen and you’re injured in a way that will never disappear. You can try & try to change it but no matter, what you’ll still have that permanent injury. Some things we can’t change.

Fortunately, this isn’t the case most of the time.

Much of your life is made up of things that you can change if you’re only brave enough to change them. In order to do this, you must turn & face head on these things, ideas, situations or institutions in order to create change in your life.

Here’s an example. Today, is election day. You have the chance to vote for your elected officials & create change in our society. If you’re unhappy with how your government is working, then you can turn & face it by voting in our elections. You might not like the outcome of the election, but it is the act of voting that will help you to create change in some way. Yes it’s a small action, but all of these small actions add up to create big changes over time.

Take Small Steps Towards Transformation

Similarly, transformation happens in your life by taking small steps. Each small change that you bring into your life creates a shift that alters your path. With each additional change that you add in, you are building a foundation that will help you bring transformation into your life.

So, that’s what I’m doing right now in my own life. My goal is to take a small step forward each day. Not all of these small steps take a lot of time or effort. Some of them simply take a few minutes out of my day to change one small thing in the routines of my life.

Taking these bite size steps help make lasting transformation easier. You don’t have to accomplish that huge goal that you have all in one day. Similarly, We don’t have to elect all new leaders in just one election. One step forward can be one new person elected to our government or one new shift in your routine.

Let it be easy!

Not every life transformation has to be hard or difficult in order for it to be worthwhile. The smaller the step, the easier it is to accomplish & move just a little bit forward.

Find ways to bring those small changes into your life. In doing this, you’ll be facing whatever you need to change and creating the transformation that you seek.

So, what will you focus on first? What small step forward can you take today or tomorrow that will move you towards the transformation that you seek?

Share in the comments what steps you’re taking. Let others know & support you as you take them. Plus, I’d love to hear what steps forward that you’re taking. I’m always inspired to keep moving forward when I hear what others are doing.

Love & Hugs,


PS. If you’re looking for support in trying to figure out what changes to make in your life, then check out my online program Who Am I Now? I’ve designed it with you in mind! You’ll uncover what is important to you now & create a path forward to achieve it. You don’t have to wait for the next live round of the program to create change in your life. You can start it today!


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