Well, Christmas has arrived this week. Like so many other people, it will be anything but normal for me. This year, I’ll be spending Christmas with just my son. Normally, I spend it in Tennessee with my parents & several other family members. That’s not going to happen this year & I’ll miss everyone.

I understand though why it isn’t going to be the same as every other year. I’ve found acceptance for our current circumstances & I’m looking forward to next year being different.

In the meantime, I’m also looking forward to this Christmas break. My son & I will be making the same fudge that we’ve made for years. We’ll relax around the house and enjoy our downtime just like we always do.

This year will include Zoom calls and a very different Christmas meal.

I’ve decided to only do the things that feel good this year. If it feels like too much pressure or too much trouble, then it really doesn’t need to be done. I’m going to skip it. The past few months have included a lot of decluttering things in my life & that now includes traditions that just aren’t going to work for me this year.

That’s all okay with me!

My past Christmas festivities were full of wonderful memories and I’m sure that I’ll remember some great things about this one too.

This is what it’s like to accept your current circumstances. It’s much easier. There’s way less struggle. Once I have this acceptance, than I have choices that I can make.

For me this year, those choices include only the things that I want. My son & I will cook the foods that we want & skip those that are too much trouble. We might watch movies all day or we might go for a walk. What we do matters less than that we do what is right for us in the moment.

I’ll live this Christmas season according to my own wants & desires and enjoy it as much as is possible.

How about you?

Are you trying to hold onto Christmas past even though this year is nothing like normal? If you are, how is that working out? Do you find it’s more struggle than you like?

If that sounds like you, then pause & take a moment to check in with yourself. You can do this by moving your body in some way (dance, go for a walk, or maybe practice yoga). Next, place your hands on your heart & ask your body what it wants from this holiday season. Then, find one way to bring that into your life & notice how your body reacts.

Doing this simple exercise can bring you closer into alignment with what will work best for you this year. Give it a try & let me know what you decide to do with your holiday season.

As we are coming to the end of 2020, I wish you all a Happy Holiday season! May it be merry & bright no matter where you are & who you are with!!

Love & hugs,



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