I spend most of my time teaching people in yoga classes or working individually or in small yoga therapy groups.  I love what I do!  However, I’ve also spent some time over the last year as a mentor to new yoga therapists in training.    This is what I get to do for the next 8 days.  I’m spending just over a week in Denver helping train some new yoga therapists.  I’m taking a break from my normal routine and enjoying Denver for a week.

I love being included in this training for so many reasons.  One of them is that I get a mini refresher course in what I do and that’s always valuable.  New techniques are taught and I get to try them all out.  I also get new ideas that usually show up in a group or class when I come home.  Like many people, I get stuck in routine and those new ideas help to liven up my groups and classes.

Another reason I love helping at these trainings is that I get to witness the growth of all of these trainees.  It’s truly inspiring to see how they overcome difficulties and celebrate their wins.  I especially get to go along for the ride with my own mentor group of 3.  There are  definitely ups and downs on this journey.  A lot of questions and growth.  There are also a lot laughs and tears as these trainees discover what works best for each one of them.

I’ve been through this process that they are doing now.  I remember how intense it was to continue the self-exploration day after day for 9 months.  I remember how scary it was to discover what wasn’t working for me and the exploration that led to my next path.

This training isn’t an easy one.  It’s long and it’s full of self-discovery.  While I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone, I do appreciate all that I’ve gotten from this program.  I look at the world a little differently and I know that I have new opportunities because of it.

So, I’m grateful that I had the chance to go through this program.  I’m also grateful that as a mentor I get to help guide others through this same process.

I’ll be back in town soon enough and back to my normal schedule.  I’ll be refreshed because I got out of my normal schedule for a few days.  You can expect one or two of those new ideas that I”ll be getting to filter into a class or group soon after my return.  I love to put them into practice right away!

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