The act of awareness is so important.  Without awareness of a situation, you cannot consider your choices.   You can’t make a change in your life unless you’re aware that you need to make a change.  Thus, awareness is the first step to change.

I wrote these words 4 years ago & they still ring true for me today.  Without awareness, there can be no change.  You’re stuck.  You can’t move forward on a different path because you haven’t recognized where you are right now.  For me, this isn’t a great place to be.  It doesn’t feel good or support me when I’m stuck from a lack of awareness.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. 

You can begin to shift & change your life in ways that support you even more.  

The good news is that it doesn’t necessarily need to take up a lot of your day to begin this practice.  You can practice wherever you are & whenever you like.  No one else needs to know what you’re doing.  This is a practice for you & only you.  

Are you ready to give it a try?

How do you practice awareness? 

Let me give you a really simple way to start an awareness practice.   You can even start it right now.  Here’s how…

Read this paragraph & then stop for about 15 seconds.  You’re going to take an Awareness Break.  During this pause, you’re going to simply notice what is happening right now.  How does your body feel?  What is happening around you & inside of you?  Do you notice any emotions?  How are you sitting or standing?  Anything stand out to you about what you’re noticing?  After you pause for about 15 seconds, come back to this post.

Did you do it? 

Did you pause & notice what was happening in the moment?  If not, why not?  Do you notice resistance?  What is stopping you from practicing a little awareness? 

If yes, did you notice anything that you want to change?  Remember, you have to notice it before you can change it.  

I take these little breaks often & it’s when I’ll notice things like how I’m sitting isn’t really supportive of the mindset that I want.  Or, maybe I’m holding my breath and this is restricting me in other ways.

Whatever I notice, it’s because I took a quick break to bring some awareness into my life.  It’s so very worth it to take these breaks because I learn so much from them.  

You can too!

Are you ready for more?

When you put all of these Awareness Breaks together, you’re on the road to powerful life change.  You’re creating changes one at a time that will move you towards the life change that you seek.  It won’t happen all in one day, but it will build with each break that you take.  

Want more?

I’m putting together a brand new workshop that’s centered around the concept of awareness.  It’s called Mindfulness 101.  In it, you’ll be led through a practice of noticing what’s happening in the present moment in a way that will promote connection to the changes that you’d like to see in your life. 

Yes, this work really can be life changing.  The key is are you ready for the changes?  Remember one change will lead to another.  It’s a process & we won’t solve everything in one hour.   What I will do is support you in the process of change during that hour.

I’m leading this workshop on March 7th at 4 pm ET.  Registration is free but it is required. If you’d like to learn about practicing awareness, then SIGN UP.  If you can’t make it live to the workshop, then sign up anyway.  I’ll send out the recording to every one who signs up.

I thought I knew what it was like to practice present moment mindfulness, but my yoga therapy training has taught me that it was really just the beginning.  You can take it to a  deeper level too.  It just takes practice.

If you’re curious about practicing awareness in the present moment but would prefer a private setting, then let’s chat.  SCHEDULE a free call to find out if this is a good fit for you.

Love & hugs,



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