What do I actually want to do with myself now?  I hear that a lot.  After spending so much time on your kids, it’s hard to figure out what to do after they leave.  It’s a sad time.  It can be a lonely time.  It’s definitely a confusing time.

I like to think of it as a gift in a way.  Empty Nest is a time to reconsider your own goals and dreams.  It’s a time to rethink who you are and what you want out of your life right now.

I was recently asked what it meant to age confidently.  To me this means that you are honest with yourself.  You know who you are and what you want out of life.  By knowing what is true for you now, then you can honor it.  Only by doing this can you age confidently.

You cannot age confidently as an empty nester if you don’t know what you want to do with yourself now.

So, after spending so many years focusing on your kids, what is your truth?  What do you want out of life in this empty nest period?  How would you like to spend your time?

Knowing all of these things will help you to age confidently.  They will also help you to have more joy, focus and purpose again.  I know you want that!

This is why I’ve created Empty Nest Essentials.   I know that making this transition can be difficult for some moms.  I was one of you.  I knew it was coming & had no idea what I was going to do with myself.  I had thrown myself into raising my kids and when the first one left, it hit me that I was clueless as to what I wanted out of the post-childrearing phase that was quickly approaching.

In Empty Nest Essentials, I’ll take you through the steps that I used to get to know myself again and uncover what is important to you now.  This 4-week course is designed to help you begin this time of life with more ease & yes, more confidence too.

When you have a better understanding about what you want out of life, then it’s so much easier to come up with a plan.  You will have direction.  You will have goals.  You will have dreams again.

But, you have to take that first step.  You have to ask yourself, what has changed?  What is the same?  What do you want to change but haven’t done so yet?  Yes, these are tough questions to ask yourself.  When you do though, you’ll be so glad.  You’ll have a clearer picture and you’ll move away from the confusion, loneliness and sadness.

Do this for you!

I’ve talked with some moms that are still feeling lost and confused years after their kids have moved out.  This breaks my heart that they are stuck in this place of not knowing what to do.  This doesn’t have to be you!  Rather than staying in this confused space for years, you could move into it & through it easier & faster.  It’s up to you to make the changes.

So, don’t make yourself wait to be comfortable and happy now that your kids have left.  Register for Empty Nest Essentials and join other moms in making this transition easier for you.

For more information about the 4-week program, click here.   You can register through February 2nd.

You’ve earned this time for yourself!  What will you create, do, see or be during this chapter of life?  Watching you uncover your new path, is so much fun.  I can’t wait to see you soar again!!



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