I’m as guilty as everyone else. I pile as much as I can onto my to do list. Then I wonder why I’m tired or sick. I’m only putting things on it that I want. I love what I’m doing. I’m excited to serve other people as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist. So, why do I keep forgetting me? Why do I let myself get rundown before I remember to put myself in the equation?

The answer is that I’m just like everyone else and I overdue it especially towards the end of the year. I can do 10 extra things this week no problem. I’ll rest later. The issue is that this time of year, later tends to be in January.  December can go by before I know it & I’ve not done anything to refill my own tank. I forget to let this time of year be a marathon and I sprint each and every day.

Does this sound familiar to you? Do you sprint through the holidays as fast as you can instead of pacing yourself?

It catches up to us all eventually.  That’s why I was actually happy to see the snow in our weather forecast.

I spent this past snowy weekend doing as little as possible. As various events/obligations were cancelled, I secretly rejoiced. I’ve been working practically nonstop for way too long!  It took a snow storm cancelling everything to get me too really slow down for more than a couple of hours.

I didn’t leave my house for over 48 hours! Instead of feeling cabin fever. I felt relief that I could stop for awhile. I fully acknowledge that I’ve over scheduled myself. No one else did this to me.

Recently I heard someone say that if she wouldn’t/couldn’t listen to her brain about an issue, then her body would take over and maybe she would eventually listen to the aches and pains in the body. Yes. That’s what happens exactly.

My brain has been saying for a couple of months that I’m pushing myself a bit more than I need to do. I haven’t been listening very well. Eventually my body has gotten loud enough to get the message across that I need to give myself more breaks. Working 5 weeks in a row without a complete day off is a bit extreme and really counterproductive. I never recommend it to anyone else. So, why would I allow myself to do it? Crazy, right?

I admit to craziness this time of year. I also admit to neglecting myself. I can do better. I know this is important to recognize.  That’s the first step to change.  Recognizing that what you’re doing now isn’t working and maybe it’s time to try something else.  I can see that I’ve done this same thing several years in a row.  Hmmm.  I see a pattern that it’s time to break.

How about you? Are you letting the busyness of the season run you? Or are you taking charge and supporting yourself in this marathon?

Are you ready for a good snow storm to slow life down for a few days?  Maybe we can schedule one again next month?  I’m sure I”ll be ready for another break.



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