Are you ready to take some time for yourself?  Is it time to reconnect to your thoughts?  Are you tired and stressed and need a break?  I know that when I start to answer yes to those questions, then it’s time to take myself on my own retreat.  When I’m beginning to feel that life is a bit too hectic or that life is too full, then that’s also a sign that I need to slow down for at least a day and take some time for myself.  For me, this retreat time usually involves yoga and hiking somewhere.  It will often include meditation and quiet time to myself as well.

I like to take myself on these mini retreats about once a month.  I find that when I do, I can deal with the normal day to day stresses so much easier.  I’m usually kinder to myself and to others when I’ve had the chance to get away for a few hours on  a regular basis.  That’s a huge bonus that my family usually appreciates and shows that when you go on a retreat it’s not just for yourself!

Now, some people think of a retreat as being a few days or even a week at a retreat center where you might even be silent during this time.  That would be a beautiful way to reconnect with your own thoughts.  I highly encourage this if you have the time.  For a lot of people, myself included, a full week in retreat is not always possible.   However, a one day or even half day retreat is fairly easy to fit into most schedules.  So, that’s what I do on a regular basis.  I highly encourage you to give it a try.  The benefits that you’ll enjoy from a short retreat will carry you forward with greater ease in your life.

Doing these short retreats regularly also has the benefit of consistency.  A yoga practice is best done consistently.  In other words, it’s not how long  you practice, rather the important part is how often you practice.  So, practicing every day for 15 minutes will be more helpful than practicing once a week for 90 minutes.  Put mini-retreats into your schedule regularly and notice the changes that you feel.  I think it might surprise you just how much better you feel in mind, body and spirit.

To help you take care of yourself with mini-retreats, I have a couple of them coming up this fall for those that are local to me.  For each one, I’m going to lead a small group  to slow down, to get to know what is actually happening in their own bodies, to reconnect with nature, to forest bath and to enjoy the simple act of taking a breath.

I know that each time I go on a retreat, I come back happier and friendlier.  I come back with a renewed sense of direction.  Just a few hours by myself is enough to recenter me in my life.  That’s what I aim to do in these retreats.  To give you the space to recenter yourself and have that sense of direction for the last part of 2019.  I know you’ll love it!  Space is limited in these retreats.  You can get more information about the retreats here.

Or you can go ahead and reserve your spot in the October 6th retreat by clicking here.

If the October retreat doesn’t fit into your schedule, then sign up for the retreat on November 10th.  With this retreat we’ll clear out stress and anxiety before the holiday season has a chance to start.  Why not head into the holidays with more ease and less stress?

I can’t wait to see you at one or both retreats!  They’re going to be wonderful gifts for yourself.  Sign up today!


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