This post is not the one that I intended to write today.  This morning I started a post and intended to finish it in the afternoon.  In between those two times, I had a traumatic event happen.  I was having a beautiful day until my dog, Max, got attacked by neighbor dogs.

I was inside my house and Max was outside in our yard when I heard Max squealing desperately.  I ran outside to check on him and what I saw terrified me.   Three dogs were outside with Max.  Two of those dogs looked to be playing tug of war with Max as the rope.  Max is a small dog and only weighs about 10 pounds.  He was an easy target.  One dog had Max by the throat and the other dog kept biting on his legs.

To make a long story shorter, I was unable to get the dogs to release Max.  Fortunately a neighbor came running with a baseball bat and he was able to get the dogs to let go.  I am so grateful for this neighbor right now because without him Max would be dead.

I’m telling you all this because it didn’t have to happen.  These dogs have been abused and mistreated.  All they know is fear and aggression.  If their owners had only showed them a little love, then I’m convinced that they wouldn’t have felt the need to roam the neighborhood and attack animals smaller then them.

Anybody is allowed to own an animal.  You don’t have to pass a test to qualify for pet ownership.  You can pick up a stray, adopt a pet from an animal shelter or buy a pet from a breeder.  Getting a pet is easy.  Taking care of the pet isn’t always so easy.  Think carefully before you agree to take on a pet.  If it’s a baby, it will grow and need attention.  You’ll have to at least make sure it has food and water.  Most pet owners will say veterinary care is also essential and I would agree.

If you don’t feel like it’s a good fit for you, then don’t agree to the pet!  Our animals deserve so much more than the abuse and mistreatment that these dogs that attacked Max have gotten.  I actually don’t blame the dogs as much as I blame the owners.  The dogs only know what the owners have taught them.

I don’t understand why people feel the need to mistreat animals.  I can only imagine that they have their own issues that they won’t, aren’t able to or can’t deal with.  I can only imagine that these people feel the need to make themselves feel more powerful by mistreating something that doesn’t understand or can’t fight  back.  Picking on someone or something that is less powerful than you just so that you feel more powerful is the definition of being a bully.  It’s not a good definition of pet ownership.

This experience has been a learning lesson for me.  I was furious when this happened.  The amount of adrenaline that I had as I tried to take on these dogs was unbelievable.  I’m still feeling its effects.  What I learned from it was that dogs that are used to being mistreated really won’t respond to force unless it is extreme.

I’m now worried about the 2 year old across the street.  What if those dogs come after her?  How can I let my dogs outside without wondering if those other dogs will be back.

Animal control has been notified and is taking the dogs.  This isn’t the first time this has happened.  I really hope it’s the last.  These dogs are aggressive and shouldn’t be allowed where they will harm other people or animals.  I still worry that these people will just get more dogs and mistreat them again.  I’m not a worrier by nature, but after seeing these dogs attack Max, I’m a bit worried about the other dogs in the neighborhood.

So, instead of talking about yoga therapy today.  Or how yoga therapy can help you deal with trauma.  (This qualifies as a traumatic event by the way.)  I’m asking dog owners everywhere to show their pets a little love.  Train them to be friendly.  If you need a guard dog, you can train them to guard you without them attacking other animals randomly.  Be a responsible pet owner.  Keep your dogs leashed or in a fence that they will not jump.  Take your dogs for a walk so that they get exercise.  Give them food, water and love.

Now, I’m going to spend a few minutes letting my body process what has happened today.  I’ll take a little time to sit and just breathe.  I’ll try to forgive my neighbors for mistreating their dogs.  I’ll show my own dogs a little extra love tonight.

By the way, Max is going to be fine.  He ended up with a puncture wound to his neck that needed treatment.  He also had multiple abrasions and his ear was a bit messed up.  Overall, I am very grateful that this didn’t end worse.

One more time, I ask pet owners to be responsible and take care of their dogs instead of mistreating them.  Take care of their needs so that they can be good companions or even guard dogs.  If this seems like too much to ask, then maybe you shouldn’t own a pet.  You decide what you can do.  I know what my choice is.

(The picture is Max on a better day.  I won’t embarrass him by posting what he looks like now.)


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