This past weekend I did something that I haven’t done in awhile.  I cooked a huge meal for my hosts in Spain.  It was my way of thanking them for all that they’ve done for me while I’ve been here in Spain.  They’ve taken me to see other cities, old castles and cathedrals.  They’ve also taken me out to eat and held a family party in my honor.  It’s been a whirlwind of activity and I’m so grateful to have been given this chance to experience Spain with my son.  This trip has been good for me in so many ways and while I was cooking I realized a few things.

I haven’t cooked that much all at once in a long time.  My cooking habits have drastically changed since my kids moved out.  I no longer cook big meals very often.  I cook what I want to eat and sometimes I don’t cook at all.  I admit that my meals aren’t quite as balanced anymore, but it’s been so very freeing to not be held to the same meal schedule anymore.

I also realized that I miss the those family meals.  I miss those times when we all sat around the table and discussed our days.  I miss the communication and the closeness that it created.

I can’t reclaim those days.  My kids have grown up as they all do.  It’s a good thing that they’ve left the nest and moved on with their lives.  However, the meals over the last week have just reminded me of the past.  It’s a good thing to have those memories.  I treasure them as much as I treasure the fact that my kids are independent in so many ways.

I didn’t expect that when I cooked some Southern food as a Thank You, that I would get sentimental.  It wasn’t so much that I missed home, but that it brought forward reminders from the past.  It was actually a bit of a bonus.  I got to thank my hosts as well as remember when my kids were younger.

This trip has very much been a trip down memory lane.  I’ve gotten to see people that I haven’t seen in so many years.  I’ve gotten to visit sites that I saw the first time that I was here.  I’ve also gotten to revisit memories from when my kids were little.  I’ve received so many gifts that I can’t count them all.  I’ve been very blessed.

All of this helps me to understand that my truths have changed.  I’ve enjoyed this visit to the past, but I can’t & don’t want to live in the past.  This current version of me is very different.  I have a different focus and a different direction to take.  I recognize that & I’m excited to see where it takes me next.

It’s been a pleasant bonus that a little southern cooking in Spain has given to me.  Sometimes you have to look back to see how far that you’ve come before you can look forward again.

If you would like help looking at your past so that you can move forward, schedule a private session with me.  I’m in and out of my office over the next couple of months, but I do have a few spots open for sessions.   Schedule now before they’re all filled.






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