Have you ever had other people telling you what to do? Of course you have. It happens to all of us. Some times the other people have our best interests at heart. Other times, these people are just convinced that they know better than us what we should do. Either way this ‘advice’ won’t work if it’s not a good fit for us. These well intentioned people think that they know better, but really how can they if they don’t know all of the parts of the equation? They are looking at things from their perspective & not yours.

Recently, I’ve had this happen a lot. People that I know are suggesting that I should do something different in my business. Try this new social media. Try this new way of doing things. Don’t do this or that.

I’ve also had people that don’t really know me, try to tell me what I should be including in my services. Since these people don’t have much of an idea of what I want to accomplish or do with my business, I can pretty easily ignore them.

Either way it’s frustrating to have so many people trying to tell me how to run my life and/or my business. They aren’t looking at the big picture from my perspective and they just don’t have all of the information to make these decisions for me.

My perspective is different than yours!

We all go through life from our own perspective. That’s to be expected & that’s normal. This is why we have different opinions on so many things. When we look at an issue from our own perspective, we are bound to have different ideas & suggestions.

So, when other people are trying to tell me how to run my life and/or business, I try to remember that they are using a different filter when they are giving their advice. It helps ease my frustration.

Yes, at times I do get some awesome ideas from other people. Overall though, the ideas that fit me best are the ones that are filtered through my own perspective.

Connect to yourself!

This is one of the reasons that I do what I do. I’ve spent the past 5 years learning to connect to myself. I have so much better awareness around my own wants & needs. I understand my own perspective so much better & I owe this all to listening to my body more than ever before.

Connecting to my own perspective when I’m making a plan for my life or business means that I am more in line with the actions that will work best for me. I’m not trying to please other people. Instead, I’m working from my own truth.

That always works better for me and it will work better for you too!

So, when others are trying to tell you what to do in & with your life, remember, they aren’t looking at the puzzle from your perspective. Consider what they are saying from your own perspective & then move on from there.

Love & hugs,


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