Last week was harder for me for some reason.  I had a difficult time maintaining my emotional balance.

I didn’t feel well for most of the week for one reason or another.  I felt like I was getting sick the first part of the week & then my allergies kicked into high gear the second part of the week.  I spent last Sunday sneezing all day long.  I tried to spend a few minutes in the sun because I desperately craved the sun and that made the sneezing so much worse.


Time to go back inside.

So, like so many other people, I’m inside a lot right now.  I can’t even go outside for long because of my allergies.  I’m isolated from so many people & feeling like this is going to be my new normal for a long time to come.   Of course.  That’s why last week was harder for me.

It’s no wonder that this morning when I saw something about filling up my own emotional cup right now, that my inner me said ‘yes, that’s what I need right now’.  I know that I’m not alone in this.  I hear other people talking about being frustrated and wanting life to go back to ‘normal’.  We all need to take some time to fill up our own emotional cups so that we can get through this experience in a healthier way.

With that thought, I  can’t make your life be ‘normal’ right now.  But, I can share some ways to fill up your own emotional cup so that you can make it through this time with more ease and peace.

So, here are 5 Ways to Fill Up Your Emotional Cup.

1 – Laugh More

I love watching a good comedy show or movie.  I just feel better after laughing.  It gets energy flowing through my body.  It’s feels like the I’ve released good feelings that were already in my body but being held behind a curtain.  Those good feelings last for awhile & definitely perk me up.

I also try to laugh at myself whenever I can.  I do some really silly things some times.  I find that when I can laugh at those silly things, then I’m not taking myself so seriously.  I’m able to correct mistakes and not beat myself up over those oops moments.

2 – Connect With Others

Yes, we are more isolated than normal.  We are staying home more & keeping to ourselves.  So, yes we do need to work a little harder in order to connect more.   I’m finding that it helps to do video calls so that you can see the people that are important to you.  It also helps to text, email, message & any other method of communication that works for you.

I’ve been sending my daughter silly videos of us and our dog.  Since she is on the other side of the country, I like to send her a a taste of home to keep her connected to us.

In whatever way that you are still connecting to others, keep it up.  Complete isolation from the people that you know and love will not do you any good.

3 – Celebrate Success

Often, I’ve tended to only celebrate the big wins.  Since the bigger wins don’t tend to happen as frequently, that means I don’t get to celebrate very often.

A few years ago, I decided to change that.  Now, I celebrate those small wins as well.  The dinner came out really well?  I celebrate by savoring each and every bite.  I got a new client?  Of course, I’m doing an inner happy dance.  I wrote my blog post on time & successfully put it up for everyone to read?  You bet I check that one off & congratulate myself.

When you take the time to celebrate the small wins, it helps to motivate you to keep going.  It also helps you to accept those feelings of accomplishment as your own.  This helps you to keep your spirits up as well.

4 – Do Things That You Love

This is a must for me.  I always try to fit in something that I love each and every day.  It might be a hike in the woods, some quiet time reading just for fun, time in the garden or time with friends.

Why do I do this?  Because life doesn’t have to be all work & no play.  We all need a break from work in order to be more productive.  Step away from your job whether its at an office or at home.  Take a breath.  Do something different.  Let your mind rest.  Engage yourself in that hobby, sport or book.  Or, just lay outside and watch the clouds go by.  It doesn’t really matter what it is.  Find something that lights you up and that you can’t wait to do and then do it.

5 – Love & Affection

I know that we are isolating ourselves right now, but that doesn’t have to stop you from having love & affection.  This can take many different forms.  It could be as simple as petting your dog or cat.  Dogs are always up for a belly rub.  They love it & you get the feel good endorphins too!  If you’re a cat owner, then you’ll have to ask your cat for permission first.  They aren’t always excited about the love & affection.  (Cat owners know what I mean.)

Love & affection could also be a foot massage that you give to yourself after doing all of your household chores.  Hugs with your kids and spouse are also great, and don’t forget that hugging yourself counts as well.  Bring a little love and affection back into your life & watch your emotional cup fill to the top again.

Not just for Stay at Home orders…

By the way, all of these tips are good to use right now.  But, they are also really helpful during other stress filled times of your lives.  Whether your child has left home for college or moved back in after you’ve gotten used to your new freedom, life as a mom never ends.  There will be times when the shifts and changes in your life, create extra stress and you can use these same tips to help you navigate those challenging times as well.

Stay healthy in mind, body & spirit!

Let’s stay in touch.

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